YES ON 522 – GMO Food Labeling Won’t Cost You Anything

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– Washington state voters NEED TO KNOW if GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are in their food. YES ON 522!

GMO Free USA produced this video to aid Washington voters in making an informed decision this coming November. There is much misinformation coming out of the “NO ON 522” campaign and one of the lies being told is that GMO food labeling will increase food prices. There is nothing farther from the truth. Chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow have a long history of deceiving the public in pursuit of their profits. They're producing genetically engineered foods that have not been tested for long-term human health safety and are pouring millions of dollars into preventing you from knowing what foods contain GMOs. And now, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has joined the chemical companies in helping to deceive citizens.

Washington has a RIGHT TO KNOW. Please lend your support here:

We did our cost comparison using a Kellogg's Corn Flakes 18 oz. box from Washington state against 500 gram boxes from Australia, England, France, Germany, and Spain. Currency conversions were done on September 08, 2013.

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  1. Opposition to I-522 comes primarily from corporations, and organizations such as Washington Friends of Farms and Forests, Northwest Food Processors, Washington Association of Wheat Growers and Monsanto….

  2. vote “YES’ I wanna know if if they’ve altered the seeds that feed the chicken I’m eating or the grains in my food. I prefer the way it was intended rather than the way that 15 yrs from now grows me a bigger tumor even faster. No GMO’s & clearly label that which has it in any way at all. Even Cheerios have ‘modified’ corn startch.

  3. “… subsidies will consume some 38 percent of the EU budget for 2014-2020, equivalent to 363 billion euros ($485.7 billion) of the 960 billion total……”
    38% of their budget………..numbers don’t lie.

  4. Sorry, but you don’t get that. If they use a GMO to feed the chicken you’re eating, they don’t have to tell you that. One of the MANY exemptions that makes this law a mockery.

  5. And your “examples” were from the “entire European Union”. There is no sense in presenting facts to a closed-minded ideologue… refuse to listen to or accept factual data. You said it was “completely absurd” that the EU subsidizes their agriculture above what the U.S. does. They subsidize it at a percentage rate of their budget almost 40 TIMES AS GREAT as we do. That is an easily verifiable fact. You really need to go back to building gazebos and ranting against vaccines.

  6. Biotech trolls like you always begin with nonsense arguments, can never win an argument, so you end with the insults. GMO labeling will eventually be law, and food prices will not go up. Plain and simple.

  7. Look….you called me a liar. I showed you factual data which supported the fact that the EU has a much greater subsidy program for their agriculture than do we, disproving your claim that they do not. You refuse to accept that. If providing facts is a “nonsense” argument, I cannot imagine how your mind works. You neither understand agriculture, nor do you understand marketing…and you certainly have no understanding of the European systems. So, you resort to calling me a troll. Pathetic.

  8. i have read this bill and it does exempt meats and restaurants and such, but hell man it’s a good start. just because people eating in restaurants wont be able to know what exactly they’re eating dont mean that the people that choose not to eat in those unprotected places should not have the right to know what they’re buying at their local grocery store… this bill is not perfect, but it’s a start none the less. if it passes, it will make people at least wonder what gmos are. most people dont.

  9. What uneducated idiots or brainwashed tools of the Big Ag Gag gave a thumb’s down to this video? This video is spot on! And so much better than the ones on California’s TV waves during prop 37. BIG AG LIES!

  10. I’m calling for a lifelong boycott of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and all of it’s members. FOR LIFE PEOPLE! If you agree, spread this movement to all that value their health!

  11. If these Monsanto bastards win again as they did in California I’m going to start wondering if the voting isn’t rigged. Clearly areas with electronic voting are vulnerable to such things, and clearly the 2012 Presidential election was full of blatant fraud netting Obama 100% of the vote in some areas.

  12. will every single piece of food that is gm be labeled no matter where it came from? because i saw a video that said only products coming from Washington will be labeled. if that is true then the law must be modified otherwise its useless.

  13. Voters voting No on 522
    1. Corporate fanboys
    2. Didn’t do enough research
    3. “Poorly written” excuse
    4. “GMOs solves all our food problems” claim
    5. “It’s been around for years, that means there’s nothing wrong with it” (just like smoking cigarettes amirite?)
    6. The other countries with GMO labeling are irrelevant

  14. I live in WA State. Every beverage can/bottle has a label on it .5¢ deposit yet we don’t have that law. That extra label costs what? NOTHING.
    Know the truth. Know what you Feed your Family! LABEL FOOD!

  15. Vote YES I522! people believing GMO food is safe need to see “Bad Seed – Danger of Genetically Modified Food” through a search on youtube

  16. The witch is dead!!! The 30 year long disinformation campaign of the organic foods cartel fell flat on its face. And what did they get? Still only a pathetic 1% market share. Teachable moment. Before you light your torches and sharpen your pitch forks to begin a witch hunt, make damn sure a witch EXISTS!

  17. The activist witch hunters lied to you. I would have cost money to add extra warehouse spaces for separate categories, and more labor to keep track of it.

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