Why you shouldn’t buy an expensive body fat scale and how they work

Body Fat Tip:
If you're trying to lose weight, an easy tip is to take out the easy to eat junk food from your kitchen, and replace it with healthy alternatives. Avoid candy bars, crackers, sodas, cookies, and the like, and replace them with things like fresh vegetables, ready made salads, frozen fruits and vegetables, and the like.When you are working in an office and possibly have lost track of time, you may feel yourself getting hungry. It is always a good idea to stock your desk with healthy snacks instead of running to the vending machine which is not economical or providing you with healthy options to satisfy your body.

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The body fat scale I use is under $30 and works great. You can find it here:

For a higher end scale, I have liked this Withings Body+ Scale:

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The important metric when losing weight is to try and pay attention to the amount of body fat you are losing. The problem is that accurate body fat measurements require DXA or hydrostatic testing. You can even utilize calipers or tape measurements, but who has time for that? In this video, I cover the science behind how the bioeletrical impedance analysis scales work to measure body fat, why they're inaccurate, and the best practices for using them to the best of their ability.

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