What Visceral Fat Does To The Body (The Doctors)

Weight Loss Tip:It is important to get enough cobalt in your diet, because it is required for metabolism of the B vitamins, in particular, B12 (also known as cobalamin). It can be found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach. But, the best sources are organ meats, such as livers, kidneys, and hearts.

Excess visceral fat (aka belly fat) leads to heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and even sexual dysfunction. Dr. Travis Stork talks about why having a lean belly to good health on the The Doctors.

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  1. My dad is a smoker since at ard 13 yrs of age and now is 77 yrs with big belly & still smoking yet still surviving with brearhless but still want to continue smoking each day. Surprisingly he never had any heart attack.

  2. fat is actually good … do ketogenic diet and realise the true power of fat and ketones

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  4. Oh come on all my life I’ve been looking at fat body thinking it wouldn’t be a health hazard! boy was I wrong no wonder I’m always tired, get sick easily, feel indigestion, sore body, get winded when getting out of bed too fast etc you name it! this video actually has me thinking! it’s a matter of life and death situation and I can’t die yet! fml I gotta go for a run now byeee

  5. he’s right and wrong. you can be slim and have the same problems as someone overweight heart attack and stroke etc.. it’s what you eat that causes all the problems not just belly fat

  6. SHIT!SHIT!SHIT!ME! …… why dont schools start lecturing this way? it’s way more fun this way.

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