What Is The Most Accurate Way To Measure Body Fat?

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I went on a mission around London to get as many different body fat readings as possible in one day. The goal was to compare all of the results and to discover which method is the most accurate.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Okay, you sold me.  Next month I have my physical and I’m going get a scan to find my body fat.  I’ll call it my mission and I’ll find out if all my lifting is helping.  Wish me luck. 🙂

  2. hey mike, do you know of an alternate exercise for the decline sit-ups…. i find that my legs give out before my abs because of blood circulation. Thanks man.

  3. Mike can i ask? do you use sunbeds? around your eyes are always white and the rest of you is so tanned? i love all your videos man you give such awesome information on building thank you!

  4. most accurate way would be when you are dead and they chop your body in pieces and strip the fat off from the muscles and bones and weigh the fat then divide that by your total weight 🙂

  5. Excellent video Mike, a good exploration and very useful. This has answered alot questions I had about body fat. Interesting insight about the upper body and lower body result due to the calipers, can a measurement be taken from the thighs? Paul

  6. My guess was around 13%. You are definitely not really shredded, but still you have more detail than I have when I am around your percentage. But that is probably due to less muscle mass. I am around 10-11% for a few months now and love it. By the way…great channel, Mike. Really, really valueable information. You absolutely don’t talk bullshit. I love that. Very helpfull video’s!

  7. Watch this if you want to develop a totally unnecessary, neurotic, thought process. Jackson Pollock 7, or Parillo for callipers. Anything else is ridiculous and is not even considered in any physique contest

  8. Are you married?? lol!! I’m just a big flirt! lol!! I’am female. Just letting you know because most males would use this type of profile pic that I have as Daffy Duck! lol!! But yes, I’m a female! So, are you married?? lol!!

  9. Mike have you tried an inBody machine? I know the US military uses or used to use those. Was wondering what you thought of that?

  10. DEXASCAN is the most accurate way to measure total Bodyfat but it does have flaws measuring Muscle mass.  Someone with severe ascites (water retention) with massive water weight in his stomach and legs will show massive gains in LBM. So the Dexa could show 100 pounds of “EXTRA” LBM, it’s not muscle. Same with sodium loading, bloating steroid cycles, creatine, Even systematic inflammation etc,.. It’s easy to trick a Dexa into thinking you gained 20-40 pounds of muscle when it’s mostly water weight, bloating, inflammation or even food in your stomach and intestines are all ways to show massive LBM gains on a DEXASCAN. One 70 year old guy with a failing heart and looks like a fat bloated slob can show the same fat % and LBM as a pro bodybuilder. Yet they look nothing alike.

  11. Thanks very much Mike. I got a DEXA scan today 60 Dollars. I was surprised to see how high my Visceral fat was. Now how to reduce visceral fat.

  12. If you’re 13-17% I must be 30%.
    Currently doing a now and after thing. Only been a week but already tell a huge distance in strength. Weak as anything due to low carbs.

  13. Thanks!  I know this was an expensive video to make, but it provides some really useful information.

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