What Is A GMO? Let Us Quickly Explain…

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for more… What is a GMO? Its simply a Genetically Modified Organism. For example if a cotton seed plant has its DNA modified to protect it from hash growing climates, that it has been modified at the DNA level and is a Genetically Modified Organism. These GMO's are placed into the DNA of plants like corn, soy and cotton. They then help the plants fight off bugs and other potential risks, and in turn ensure a stable yield for farmers.

That's great for farmers, but not so much for the rest of us. GMO based food has been proven to cause cancer in rats and other animals in numerous studies. There is really no governance on labeling or on usage. The net result is that the very food we eat could be doing us significant harm.

90% of all foods now contain some or one GMO component. Everything from wheat, to milk to bacon, are affected, as base crops like soy, corn and wheat are used in almost every processed food.

This situation must be rectified. The only way it can happen is by knowledge and education. If you are looking for more information on GMO's and the need for better labeling, please take the time and lean more about GMOs, GMO labeling and GMO Food. You can also visit us at to see the latest in sustainable food, amazing recipes, and stunning kitchens.

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  1. Good job! You scared us all by adding that”horrifying” song! There is btw no bacteria inserted in the plant, this proves again that this video is based on b*llsh*t. The GENE makes a proteïn (and not a toxin) wich only kills bugs, so unless you’re a bugg you’re safe eating it.

  2. Why would you waste resources demanding the labeling of products with gmos in them if they are so often used?! This seems so redundant. Just accept that you are eating the stuff or do your own research for companys that claim not to use them.

  3. You do not have the right to know what’s in your food if that would affect the bonus checks of very influential executives. Period. I wonder why people keep bringing up GMO labeling. After what GMO labeling did in Europe, it will never happen in America.

  4. DID YOU KNOW AROUND 60 OR SO YEARS AGO THAT SMOKING WAS SAFE TOO, BECAUSE THE LOBBIED FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION SAID SO??? COMPANIES EVEN USED CARTOONS TO ADVERTISE TO CHILDREN! Oh, even though any smoke was a known carcinogenic and it irrates the lungs it was considered safe until later when people develop lung; heart disease, and various cancers. I guess some people still believe the earth is square, and the titanic is still floating if thet do not realize the FDA does not protect Americans from chronic disease causing substances. Maybe because they never been outside of the country into a normal industrialized country where chronic disease is not running rampant. Let’s take a look at some statics, since the introduction high frutose corn syrup which is derived from Monstano’s GMO corn that has been in America’s diet around the mid 90s diabetes and obesity has DOUBLED IN THE U.S.A IN 20 YEARS! Some people will think something stupid like a lack of exercise, if that was the case than why are energetic fat kids still fat? Kids are always active. Some people clearly haven’t done the research of Monsanto. First of all his product H & orange is already responsible for killing 400,000 Vietnamese and some of our soliders with it. I used to know a solider who have been exposed and developed cancer in those areas later. Second of all this maniacs previous employee is the vice president of the lobbied FDA to place scientific opinion over scientific facts. (Only in America can a billionaire can poison an entire country while making billions, instead of being liable for the deaths in Vietnam, and we think ISIS is bad? Look I can right a book about lab rats that died being force feed (rats where smart enough not to eat it) weeks of GMO food, but that would take forever and I advise anyone to look at private biotect research (not government funded crap) such as “Responsible Technology Institute”. Some people are not as stupid as the other sheeple think and they see all of the cancer, ADD, ADH, diabetes, mentally ill, birth defects, infertility, and obesity around them, especially the last 25 years. I find it strange we know we now have elaborate health care services that was just so convinently created for us that is now socialized

  5. “Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that have been altered using genetic engineering methods. Although genetic engineering is a common and essential practice in biotechnology, its specific use in crops is controversial. The key steps involved in genetic engineering are identifying a trait of interest, isolating that trait, inserting that trait into a desired organism, and then propagating that organism. Methods for genetic manipulation have rapidly improved over the last century from simple selective breeding, to inserting genes from one organism into another, to more recent methods of directly editing the genome.”

  6. Thank you so much, Now I know what GMO stands for. Genetically modified organism. 🙂 happy learning.

  7. can i request another video using the story of GM sugarcane which is drought resistant plssss

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