Treadmill Running Interval Workout For Weight Loss

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Do the treadmill walking workout here:

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How to Do Treadmill Intervals:

This is a running interval workout on a treadmill so do the interval walking workout on a treadmill if jogging or running is too hard for you.

To make this treadmill workout most effective you need to run at a speed for 10 seconds that is TOUGH enough for you so no jogging and only running/sprinting for 10 seconds but intensity is relative so…

If jogging for 10 seconds kicks your butt then stick with that but like I said in order to get the best workout possible you should jog, run or sprint all out as if your life depended on it (imagine a dog chasing you for 10 seconds)

Beginners: start off with or stick to the 10 minute workout provided in the video.

Intermediates: go over 10 minutes and maybe do up to 20-to-30 minutes

Advanced: do this work out for 20-to-40 minutes but eventually…

Everybody needs to work up to doing 20-to-40 minutes of this treadmill weight loss workout 3-to-4 days per week by doing it 1-to-2 times per day as stated by these 8 rules here for losing 2-to-4 pounds per week with intervals:

Make sure you also go on a diet as well if you're expecting to lose a lot of weight because although this treadmill workout is designed for fast weight loss it will do absolutely noting for burning fat if you diet the wrong way so…

You can go here for a diet plan where you can lose weight counting calories (recommended):

Or you can do this diet here if you hate to or do not know how to count calories correctly:

Remember again: what is the point of busting your ass doing this amazing treadmill workout for weight loss when you mess up your diet by eating too much preventing you from losing weight or worse yet making you gain weight despite the fact you are doing this treadmill workout.

It also does not matter what brand of treadmill you have. Any treadmill will or should give you an intense workout by following the video above and any treadmill that doesn't (which will probably be a treadmill that does have a high enough speed) is the treadmill you don't want to use.

This work out an also be done on an elliptical ( bike ( or any other piece of cardio equipment. You can also jog in place or do jumping jacks: or ski steps: to follow along with this video if you don't have a treadmill.

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  1. can anyone give tips on how to breathe properly during this type of intense workout? my breathing always goes heavily everytime i tried this 10 on – 10 off workout.. thanks ^^

  2. Hi Adrian! I’ve been doing a 35 minute treadmill interval for two weeks (every other day), water intervals of one lap of swimming and one lap of water jogging for 2 hours the rest of the week, and leg lifts and squats for booty lifting. I’ve also been keeping my foods light and calorie count keeping around 1000 consumed a day and drinking 2 liters of cold water a day. Despite all this I’ve gained 3 lbs. My doctor has told me I have no medical conditions. What can I do to lose the weight after all my hard work? Thank you!

  3. Can I pair this with Butt Workout Plan A? For instance, the Butt Bridge M & Th and this treadmill workout TWF?

  4. New Sub. I did this workout today. Thank you . Thank you. The Burst intervals are Excellent. I can definitely feel the fat burning off! Yay! This is a great video. Excellent!

  5. Can you do this every day? I saw some other information saying you shouldn’t do this every day.

  6. Thank you Adrian. Today was day 1 Speed 9.0 2 sets walks in between total 1 hr. I can’t wait to lose weight! It wasn’t easy but it was great!

  7. how many calories do we burn? and if i do this workout and eliptical workout will i lose weight?

  8. I just started this today. I am used to working out (walking, yoga, weight training), but not getting consistent weight loss like I would like. I am 57 y/o 5′ 1″. My running speed today was 6.2mph. This workout seems reasonable on time and effort. Excited to see how it goes. Thank you.

  9. I’ve been running for a bit now. I really want to lose my fat “pouch” and “muffin top”. Will this help target those areas? Took me about 3 years to lose 60 pounds 🙂

  10. Hey, Thomas here…I just started doing interval training on the treadmill based on your videos. Thanks for sharing. I’m starting off with 3 minute warm-up followed by 10 minutes of interval training, doing 10 sec on 8 mph, no incline and 10 sec of rest. I’m curious, how often should one be doing this kind of training? 3x’s a week? 5x’s a week? Thanks

  11. Adrian what’s the idea of running 10 seconds and rest 10 seconds. What the difference it makes if you just continue running for 10 minutes?

  12. I wanna try this but every time I attempt to run I feel like my form is not right. Like I run on my heels or something

  13. how many times a week should i workout doing this everyday or one day not do it then next day do it or everyday for 5 days a week thanks danny

  14. I lost weight through 2km of 45sec -1min sec sprinting and 30-40 sec walking intervals then 1km of jogging to finish off.

  15. Too many rest stops. Just do 6 minutes fast. Rest 2 fast 130min. 2 min cool down Done. Just as effective. And it is done with and over. Good luck.

  16. I started this workout today and I must say I burnt more calories than I normally do and I sweat more than usual— you are amazing.. thank you xxxx

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