Top 5 Exercises For A Flat Stomach

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Easiest way to get a flat stomach FAST:

What's up,

It's Jonny with insanehomefatloss and today I showing you top 5 exercises for a flat and tone stomach. I going teach you how to get abs like your boy, ME 🙂 These 5 workouts will definitely lean you out and give you the tone and athletic body you've always wanted.

** I'm going to show you 1 round 30 seconds for each of those workout. But at y'all at home will need to do 3 more rounds each for the complete workout.

Workout breakdown

0:35 Mountain climbers – Get into a pushup position and alternate running your legs up to your chest and back.

1:10 V-ups – Lay flat on the ground and keep your legs straight out. Then lift you body and legs off the ground at the same time while reaching for your toes. Each time you touch your toes will count as one rep.

1:52 High knees – Pretend your running in place, and kicking your knees up as high as possible.

2:30 Jump squats – The jump squat is the same as a regular squat, accept you jump on the way up.

2:24 Burpees – Hop down and complete on pushup. Then immediately hop up and jump as high as you can. That is one rep of burpees.

Lets get this workout party started.

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See you again soon


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