Top 12 Battle Rope Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

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The 12 battle rope exercises in the video for fast weight loss are…

1. Alternating waves. You will see most people reference this as like doing all out sprints for your upper body

2. Hip toss. This is a favorite exercise of MMA fighters. It works your obliques or the muscles around your love handle area. It is best to pretend like you are throwing somebody around when doing battle rope hip tosses and to do it faster pretend that you never give them a chance to rest by throwing right back to other side by not giving them a chance to rest.

3. In & out waves

4. Seated hip toss. Basically like doing the Russian twist love handle or oblique exercise.

5. Waves (double waves). Just like the alternative battle rope wave but using both arms

6. Counterclockwise

7. Clockwise

8. Jumping jacks. Battle rope jumping jack workout? See all my jumping jack workouts here @

9. Power slams. I feel like the incredible hulk when I do this movement because I feel like I'm tearing up the ground causing earthquakes when I do it. So when you do it imagine that you are trying to cause a crack in the ground

10. Side-to-side waves. I use this exercise as kind of a rest since it is one of the easiest to me but don't slack off when you get to it. Just like with battle rope hip toss you can pretend you are flinging someone from side-to-side without giving them time to rest.

11. Shuffle. My favorite and may be the best since in this battle rope exercise your upper and lower body are used

12. Ski steps. Battle rope ski step workout? See all my ski step workouts here @

You can incorporate these 12 battle rope exercises into a weight loss workout by doing 1,2 or all of these exercises in a battle rope workout (which I will soon release later) where you go thru all 12 battle rope exercises by doing each exercise for 10-to-30 seconds going all out or as hard as you can followed by a 10-to-30 second rest so…

If you did a simple 30 second on and off battle rope interval then going thru all 12 of these battle rope exercises just once would take you exactly 12 minutes and then you could rest for 1 minute and then do it again for a full 25 minute battle rope weight loss fat burning workout!

You will not lose weight fast without a good diet plan so please look at this 8 minute video @ But these fast weight loss battle rope exercises can be done in any order to achieve fast weight loss results.

I have to give credit where credit is due the instrumental or song you hear in the background is from Sean price formerly of heltah skeltah of his song titled 60 bar dash.

I'm Adrian Bryant & I'm the guy who created to help you look good naked. See the people I've already helped look good naked here:


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  1. Man this workout looks nuts. His face said it all. I think I might start with 10 of each.

  2. OMG yaaaaaas! i just did the ropes for the 1st time today! it was hard, but it was a BLAST!

  3. You’re amazing man !!! 😉 (Y) (I watch your video everyday to do my exercise copying on you!)

  4. Just vowed to bike to work for my new job to get back in shape. Injured my ankle so won’t be doing that. Thanks for offering me a cardio option that will help me overcome this obstacle. Foot or no foot I’m getting fit this summer!

  5. Adrian…representing himself as a hot white woman again. Dude, it’s the 21st century…just get the operation and be done with it.
    Good demo video, thanks.

  6. Are you timing your self per set or are you doing a total number of rep per exercise ?

  7. Hi Adrian, What size rope would you recommend for inside the home. Have a gym in my home and I want to incorporate the battle rope. Thank you

  8. How long should one be doing each routine? is there a set time. Should i start with 30 secs before moving to the next exercise or is it too less? Can someone help me out on this

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