Top 10 GMO Foods To Avoid

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Dr. Edward Group and Anthony Gucciardi discuss the top 10 GMO food list to avoid when shopping or otherwise.

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  1. The whole GMO thing it’s crap.

    First of all, the “doctor” in the video it’s not a real doctor, but a “doctor” in alternative medicine. That should be your first ding-ding. But if you want to listen to chiropractors and zulu doctors telling you the “science”, be my guest.

    Now, there is not a single fruit or vegetable you eat that isn’t genetically modified. Even us, humans, are “GMOs”.

    The whole GMO discussion started when organisms started to be modified labs. The problem was that if you modify an organism, you might get the modification that you desire, but you might also alter the qualities that the original organism had. In order to control that, GMOs are highly regulated all over the globe. There hasn’t been a death or illness recorded yet due to GMOs.

    It’s dumb to be against the idea because there are so many good applications for it. For example, you can make plants that are resistant to certain pest so you can avoid using chemical insecticides. There are people dying from the usage of chemicals, but none are dying from eating GMOs.

  2. Monsanto’s is a killer in the name of prophet transferring a murderous chemical for war Surplus and labeling it as a convenience for the public to kill weeds all the while genetically modifying our food base not produce more crops but to sell their pesticide

  3. It appears as though this “doctor” is a chiropractor, you know, NOT a “real” doctor. If I am incorrect, someone please correct me. Thank you, in advance.

  4. Aspartame is the number complaint that the FDA get more than anything else .With more harmful effects .When I was a child corn was not sweet and was really good .This sweet corn is junk ! I studied Olive oil over 40 yrs ago .From time of pressing to America is over 3 months .It sits in warehouses over a year before it gets to store and your table .In first year it is good to eat right out of bottle .The 2nd yr only for salad dressing 3rd yr only frying . Then it is totally dead . At that time the only one that was great was a Greek olive oil .I haven’t been able to find any for years .The FDA was suppose to make All olive oils have the date . processed .I only use coconut oil now .And you really have to look to get the right one

  5. gladly Spain, Germany, France and Portugal have wiped out most GMOS. yet many certified organic products are quiet fraudulent …

  6. This guy is such a numpty, GMO is wonderful ALL the research done by real scientists supports this ! So are you going with the experts that have spent years investigating this, are you going with the FACTS or some bloke that ‘thinks’ it is bad ?

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