Top 10 GMO Foods To Avoid

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Chef Marcus Guiliano is an award-winning chef,
green restaurateur, author, real food activist,
professional speaker, restaurant consultant & ultra-marathoner.
In addition to successfully owning and operating the first Green
Certified restaurant in the Hudson Valley, Aroma Thyme Bistro,
Chef Marcus has begun to devote his time consulting and
trouble shooting for other restaurants.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. not only are trying to genetically modified food but people too with poisoning vaccines so people don’t reproduce and live shorter.

  2. Roundup corn has a chemical that blows up the stomach of the insect. This is what is happening with our bees etc.

  3. Tomatoes in Oregon now turn to mush rapidly. We have a choice between ‘rocks’ or mush.

  4. If our skies continue to be sprayed with toxic chemicals, Monsanto will be our only choice.

  5. And now they spray us night and day with chemtrails. It is a war that people don’t even know is being waged.

  6. here’s my problem with “organic” foods . How can they be organic with the chemtrails? A woman told me greenhouses sure sure. What’s the water source? I bought a heirloom tomato when I cut it the seeds were sprouting. I threw it away

  7. Marcus,
    if i go strictly to organic food stores, am i basically ensured that i will be buying “safe” foods ? these stores are fairly expensive, but worth it…right ?

  8. STORE BRAND stuff dont seem to have GMO’s in them. unless thy dont have to paste it couse thy are generic ?

  9. What is tragic is that what is now called “organic” was simply regular food and far less expensive. Now, you have to pay premium prices just to eat pesticide, GMO free foods. I cry sometimes with bitterness and anger at what Monsanto has done to the food supply. The world’s food is actually being weaponized by them to fulfill their depopulation agenda. Morbid obesity, diabetes, cancers and gastric aliments are off the charts, even in young children. I am from the generation that knows what wholesome food is and how it has been systematically destroyed. Monsanto really needs to be brought before the world court for crimes against humanity, and its corporate structures needs to be seized and destroyed. How on Earth did the people allow this monstrosity to monopolize the food? . . . It is a mystery to me.

  10. I thought my taste buds changed!?!? I immediately tasted the difference with tomatoes!! I used to eat them at nearly every meal. I stopped buying them because I don’t like them!

  11. Marcus, please start a White House petition. I will look for it and sign it. I will also send a letter to my Senator. Thank you.

  12. 1.) Eat nothing but fruits and grains for breakfast
    2.) Eat plenty of live greens at lunch and dinner
    3.) On average, limit your red meat portions to 4-6 oz. per day (there are plenty of other sources for protein)
    4.) Avoid dairy products altogether
    5.) Get plenty of sunshine. UV exposure to your pupils causes your body to produce fat and toxin “scrubbing” chemicals made out of chlorophyll found in those LIVE green veggies you ate.

    Perhaps you never noticed, but most fat people don’t eat their fruits or veggies, have pastey white skin from lack of sunlight exposure, and wear UV blocker sunglasses even on cloudy days. And so remain fat all their lives.

    Rather than focusing on what’s wrong with Monsanto GMO, focus on what’s good.

    Have a nice day.

  13. Think about the word “GENETIC” as in GMO. Not only that its in laboratories. Sorry to say it this way, but think of FRANKENSTEIN and baby parts. I might get a lot of comments on this ( or none). Look up why O’bama said, “business as usual.”

  14. Apples are the same way…everyone is sweet but blah, no apple flavor. Fujii’s used to be great when they were imported, but they suck now.

  15. Genetically modified food is meant to basically starve people…little nutritional value….like cheaper filler foods. I have also read that many fruits and vegetables are modified that their seeds are sterile so their seeds can’t be used by us to grow our own food.

  16. One very simple rule, ALL PROCESSED FOODS ARE SUSPICIOUS! Also the bar-publicity in this video! !!!!!!
    Also the so-called grass fed products, lifestock get fed in the winter. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT IS. …….GRAINS, SOJA, CORN, ALL %100 MONSANTO GMO’S!

  17. Certified Organic has a little known about loophole due to Monsantos crops cross pollinating with them- the FDA and other “powers that be” have stated the following to concerned organic farmers: “IF your crop(s) test positive for having cross pollinated with GMO, then you can STILL KEEP AND DISPLAY (use) your ORGANIC status WITHOUT posting it (notifying customers)that it is from GMO cross pollinated crops and no longer gentically the same as intended…” do your research PLEASE- Peace

  18. FYI!!! It is ultra important to avoid GMOs, now, more than ever because they just added the poison Banvel to the mix! I live in Iowa and know farmers that had to take a class for the new spray!!!!

  19. Organic smorganic it doesn’t matter the soil is tainted with chemtails and pesticides. The water is fluorinated. This is a trick for more profit. Buy grow lights or let them take you to jail for a green house garden. You cant trust the labels in the us. It doesn’t matter they are blanket spraying everything. I suggest a half in the around small green house with just clear plastic as its top. a frame. then use distilled water on your veggies and good soil. from where??? People are we just gonna let them poison us? we are so lethargic and toxic there is no one to stand up to Monstersanto. No one. They will out money you in court. This is what we have let happen. Why? because we are weak.. wheres the clean beautiful air? where’s the amazing delicious produce? where’s the clean free power? wheres the clean spring water? people are so dumbed down to think we are something great. We are number 26 on the standard of living list in the world. Food that robs you of life. water that makes you docile. air that makes you impotent and more docile. Tv to tell you what poison to buy and where to buy it. it scares you into submission with its propaganda thats so ridiculously obvious. only commercials for meat, cheese and dairy or something with 50 ” preservatives”. Yet we do nothing. we deserve it…kissinger got his nation of docile slave workers. and we idolize him.. please try to leave your comfort zone and do something. If you believe in God. Whats so scary about dying for something that is right and just. heaven awaits you. only repeat sinners are afraid to die.. listen to DISL automatic..power to the people or they dont care about us. get informed atleast

  20. Corn, Soy (tofu and soy milk), use vinegar not roundup, sugar beets and sugar, aspartame, papaya since 1999 banned in EU, canola, cotton oil fm india china … make your own fries, dairy injected with monsanto’s growth hormones, zuchinni and squash,

  21. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WITH FORCED VACCINES. A mother had 4 children, she hid one, brought the three to be vaccinated. The three vaccine children died. Reference: The Polio Vaccination Agenda in Africa Exposed AND: Statin scam exposed: Cholesterol drugs cause rapid aging, brain damage and diabetes AND: Overwhelming evidence: How vaccines cause ‘hypersensitivity’ of the immune system and lead to extreme allergies, autism and death AND: The weed killer that has Glyphosate now has the adjuvants in vaccines. REF: Merck to add glyphosate to vaccines in huge deal with Monsanto

  22. Go vegan it a lot better for your health. Grass feed beef still gives you cancer, and you don’t need cholesterol your body creates all the cholesterol you need. Milk causes diabetes so your better of drinking almond milk.

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