Three Huge Imminent Victories For Humanity: Ending Prohibition, GMO Labeling, Mercury-free Vaccines

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In this video, Mike Adams the Health Ranger reveals the 3 huge victories which are imminent for humanity.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Why doesn’t Monsanto allow GMO’s in their own vending machines?
    They aren’t stupid and know better than to eat poison.

  2. but the power structure makes it sound so trendy they say think about the children & they say there doing it for humanitarian efforts and i suppose not letting people have the cure for cancer and & soft killing every one with vaccines like in the bill gates video technically could be for the people if u believe there is to many of us ~ then again i dont want to go yet so im with u on this  then again this and for legalising the cure for cancer legalize weed

  3. Mercury vapors were used for slow assassinations in soviet union. They were planting a small capsules with mercury somewhere in the office or car and a person who worked there ends up dead. It’s a long known fact, mercury is highly toxic.

  4. Thanks Mike,

    Now we have to focus on the other adjuvants such as peanut oil & aluminum, corresponding to nut allergies / autism and alzheimers.

  5. I’m convinced the containments in vaccines are an intentional science experiment to see who lives or undergoes the least damage.

  6. Actually back then they did have mercury pills to help treat a lethal disease, even know mercury is extremely toxic

  7. AWESOME!!!!! I don’t smoke pot nor do I condone it or cigarette smoking but I think it is better to legalize it then we can tax it like cigarettes and like you say hemp is also beneficial for the economy. Thank you for the updates especially regarding GMO’S and vaccines which are killing people.

  8. I’ll do it Mike, if I die from the Mercury, at least my family will have the Million Dollars right?

  9. Marijuana, if used correctly, does NOT make people dumb. Many use it for depression, anxiety, insight and creativity. Believing what other people say makes you dumb.

  10. Alcohol prohibition was put in place by the Rockefeller’s, it was done to force people to use their toxic waste they couldn’t get rid of. It’s called Gasoline. Alcohol is a better fuel for cars and doesn’t pollute at all. Farmers can make alcohol very cheap and easily, but what would the oil industry do with their toxic waste then. They don’t have an answer so they shove it down all of our throats.  

  11. Thanks for some good news.  I know there is lots of bad crap going on and it sure nice to hear something positive.

  12. You can’t use the universal principal of justice on pot-heads because many have done other drugs, dirty drugs, prescribed to destroy the brains of the youth.  

    GMO labeling is long overdue!  Bombard our elected civil servants about the issues that are important to you!

  13. Your brain naturally produces cannabinoids. Why would ingesting it, waste your brain? Nothing to back that presumption.

  14. I’m going to be a realist. Those are hollow victories…

    Too little too late! You can’t stop the Grey Tsunami. The genocidal time bomb has already been planted. Many of the living are already dead, yet they don’t even know it. It is rather tragic.

  15. Most people still don’t know about Hemp and Cannabis uses.  That is why not a day goes by that I don’t talk about Hemp and Cannabis.

    Btw, I disagree, puffing a doobie every once in a while is not being dumb and far better than drinking alcohol or snorting cocaine which I will never do. Just to clarify, I don’t need pot or feel the urge to get high – EVER, despite my joking about doing so and I actually don’t.  If I did I probably wouldn’t tell people, or maybe I would.  But anyway, I’m just saying it’s not dumb if one wishes to indulge occasionally. 

    But  just look at this list:

    HEMP CANNABIS – Stops cancer growth, Reduces Neurological impairment, Relaxes muscles, antispasmodic, Prevents migraines, Treats glaucoma, Treats ADD, ADHD, Reduces IBS, Crohn’s disease, Cures Epilepsy, Prevents Alzheimer’s, Treats PMS, Anti-Psychotic, Makes bio-degradable plastic, Makes paper products, Makes fuel, solvents, lubricants, Makes industrial textiles, Makes consumer textiles, Makes building materials, Could end deforestation, Could end dependence on oil, gas, fracking and coal. Can be grown almost anywhere!

    Still wondering why hemp and cannabis are illegal?  Join the club, me too! 

  16. Heavy metals are not the only problem with vaccines, the fetal tissue and animal tissue and added ingredients contains a huge viral load to stress the immune system.  Dr Kent has a way to deal with this see his videos and others for research.

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