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Weight Loss Tip:One easy strategy you can use to lose weight is to get rid of the whites. There are so many rules in weight loss, but if you follow this easy rule, you will see success. Do not eat anything made with white flour, sugar, or white rice. This is one easy rule you can follow.

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Ingredients :
Vicks Vaporub
Baking Soda.

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  1. The only reason why this helps is not cause it actually works but because you just burning off water weight that’s all your doing because one theplastic and the oils it burns off your water weight faster than normal

  2. It’s not body fat, you just lose a bit of water weight.. it’ll be back in a couple hours anyway.

  3. Why don’t you not be lazy and exercise? You can dance in a hot room. Just make sourself sweat somehow.

  4. Putting plastic wrap on you makes you sweat. That sweats off the calories. Makes you lose weight. Do it with Ace Bandages, it doesn’t work. My Grandpa did the plastic wrap thing and dropped 7 pounds in 3 days.


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