Weight Loss Tip:A great motivator on your weight loss journey is to take photos along the way. Once a month, every ten pound,s or at some other regular interval, snap a photo in the same clothing, and marvel at the changes in your body. Humans are visual creatures, so seeing the weight loss in glorious color can be a great motivator.


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  1. Crazy variation. Agree you should try the dexa for your own (and viewers) clarity going forward.

    I have a Skulpt, withings scale, and a omron handheld tester. The scale and omron technically use the same method I believe.

    One thing that helped me reduce variation on the Skulpt was doing the abs, triceps, and quad measurements individually over and over until every measurement was almost the same each time. That’s when I knew perfect positioning for everything. You might’ve already did this but figured I’d mention.

    Skulpt: 18-19
    Withings: 18
    Omron: 17

    I also checked some dexa customers results and bodies on YouTube, Google, etc and compared to myself to get an idea of what I looked like. 19 seemed about right after seeing those.

    Id say keep measuring of course, then try the dexa. Do the dexa right after a Skulpt test too. You’re obviously committed so it’s worth the investment.

  2. skin calipers and the dunking or water tank do not measure visceral fat ie fat in the muscle just surface fat. this is why the number is different. it is essentially a different test. a dexascan will measure visceral fat. thus the reading will be higher…sence the sculpt claims to measure muscle quality it by necessity is measuring visceral body fat. I just wanted to know if the reading on the sculpt would be the repeatable if done again after a few minutes.

  3. I was dxa scanned at 15%. According to the skulpt my bf was 21%. That new algorythm is fucked up.

  4. You look like about 24%/25% to me in this video. Also according to the accu measure method (24mm abdomen). When i was 15% (dxa) i had clear eight pack abs.

  5. Skulpt aim wasn’ t accurate. After the last updat it get worse.
    I lost 10 kg and after the last updat my fp was higher then before and I’m sure I didn’t lose that much muscle.

  6. I’d say the Skulpt is not as accurate as it claims. It may be more accurate for leaner individuals, but maybe not those over a certain BF%. I had a DXA done that said I was at 25%. I used the Skulpt and it said I was 20.3%. That’s a 4.7% difference, yet their site claims it to be within 1-2% of DXA. I e-mailed them about it and they requested my DXA scans so that they can have their research team look into it. But, in my experience it’s not accurate. My handheld OMRON said I was 24.8%. And that uses BIA which is purportedly far less accurate.

  7. Hi, let me tell you what i think you should do. I did the under water test many years ago and every year after i have the dexa done. You know this. The dexa is straight out accurate in everything it measures . What i did was take those exact numbers body fat muscle etc and go on the T bodyfat scale and work the numbers. if dexa is 15 percent bodyfat and the scale is 20, i go by the dexa so everytime u go on that scale, u measure the 20 percent as 15 bc thats what the dexa read. If you lose bodyfat and go down to an 8 your scale will be higher , 13% so that 13% is really 8% . I only go by the gold standard but its a pain in the ass to keep getting the dexa scan so ill do it once a year ps, Tanita company came out with a scale that is much more accurate then there other ones. i dont really understand the science but she said there scale use to measure one algorithm but now its 2

  8. end of the day your bf is what it is. just train properly, eat proper, drink plenty of water and sleep well

  9. You should never do calipers on yourself…. your skin folds move whenever you move… also you need to get “all” the fat around the measuring sight. If there is fat you gotta go after it man. Find someone who is good at it and let them do it.

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