The real problem with GMO Food

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In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the real problem with GMO food, also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Specifically, we look at whether GMOs and GMO foods are actually bad both for the environment and for your health. GMOs and genetically modified food like soybeans or corn have long raised the ire of non-GMO food activists because they are supposedly frankenfood that will poison us, as a result, they embrace organic foods. GMO advocates champion genetically modified food as a way to combat climate change, solve environmental issues, and solve world hunger. There are truths and fallacies both of the extremes of the GMO debate, but the reality is, and really the core problem with GMOs is not the technology or the genetically modified food itself, but what GMOs and genetically modified foods are used and controlled. Monsanto's BT and HT crops are a perfect example of how GMO foods are used to create monopolies of environmental destruction.

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Intro – 0:00
What is a GMO? – 1:15
The GMO debate – 2:39
The real problem with GMOs – 6:18
Are there other solutions? – 8:19
Sponsored message – 10:29
Outro – 11:39

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  1. GMOs should be grown in controlled and isolated systems. The natural ecosystem is complex and interconnected, we don't really know how introducing a foreign organism will affect it.

  2. All the watermelons at the local Kroger are seedless and tasteless. For the past three years, I lived in Mexico where the watermelons have seeds and DELICIOUS. Why in the world would anyone want to make food tasteless? At least give me a choice so I can vote with my dollars!

  3. Bill Gates says their are too many people on the planet, so why do we need GMO crops?
    Maybe they can put a gene into GMO crops that will age the person eating the GMO crops FASTER?

  4. A major problem not mentioned is that GMO crops consume a lot of fossil fuels, which are used to produce fertilizer.

  5. Title still somewhat misleading, it should be "How Corporate monopolies use GMOs to weaponize unhealthy market practices", or "GMOs are safe, but the system behind it isn't".

  6. In the past 50 years we have had an explosion of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Respiratory Diseases and Allergies.
    What changed?
    1. In past 50 years we have been given vaccines with more toxic ingredients in them.
    2. We have been adding GMO foods into the food supply.
    3. Franken/modified seeds/crops created in ways not seen prior to modern technology. (no not the same way they did it thousands of years ago.)
    4. Our soils are being depleted of nutrients do to all the pesticides.
    5. Our natural water sources are constantly being polluted.

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