The Perfect Treatment For Diabetes And Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tip:To help your body digest its food properly, make lunch or breakfast the largest meal of your day. It's common to eat a larger dinner, but dinner is typically consumed close to bedtime and it's more difficult for your body to break down foods while you're asleep. A small dinner, accompanied by a big lunch or breakfast, will assure that your body can use all the nutrients that you consume.

What is the perfect treatment that can cure type 2 diabetes (!) and lead to effortless weight loss? Listen to the eloquent Dr. Jason Fung describe it in this 12-minute part of a longer interview.

*** Observe: This treatment is extremely effective. If you have diabetes and take blood sugar lowering medication (especially insulin injections) you may need to reduce the doses a lot to avoid potentially dangerous hypoglycemia. You may instantly become too healthy for your medication. ***

In the full 45 minute interview Dr. Fung goes into more detail about exactly how to add fasting to your low-carb diet, important things to consider and how to avoid potential problems.

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  1. My friends first introduced me to the diet “fizy amazing plan”, and I googled it. I actually first found out about it via my buddies and I can`t believe how much it has improved my life. I have lost 16 lbs so far and I feel great.

  2. Great video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about – Chireetler Life Sport Rule (do a search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for learning how to reverse type 2 Diabetes without the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend Sam at last got excellent results with it.

  3. Cool! Andreas and Jason in the same room! Fasting is a big part of my daily life!

  4. Excellent, thank you for staying on top of this great information – hopefully the world will pick up on it soon!

  5. I want to know what we do with being on a Keto diet / doing fasting also with it, due to diabetic 2/ meds and weight gain…but all of mine began with a fall and injuries with continued inflammation so now, I have pain daily from injuries, so the pain is easing due to this diet, vitals is so much better but I want the weight to begin to come off…what is missing ?

  6. wow thanks for sharing. it’s crazy all the ways they are causing us to be sicker & instead of helping us

  7. Sir, if we diabetics should eat much more fat, limited carb, and small to moderate protein., then we did do it to ourselves , caused our own type II by eating too much carbs, etc. There might be a genetic portion, however, if it can be reversed by eating a different way, we could been eating a different way going way back in time. So, it is our fault we have type II..right?

  8. If you wish to get rid of diabetes and wish to move to a healthier lifestyle, trust this “fizo amazing plan” (Google it). As I’ve read it, I found out how fat hinders cells from feeding on glucose. “fizo amazing plan” (Search Google) is helping me to save my vision, my limbs, and my life, literally.

  9. In India, we do a 9 days fast, twice an year (Navratri) where we don’t eat any grains, white salt. Though in cities, people eat other foods like potato, fruits, but in villages, many keep a 9 days water fast only and the numbers are 100 millions plus 🙂

  10. Several months ago I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 64. I can’t believe that sI have diabetes and it cares me that I will also experience the same struggles like my dad did. Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on this info “fizo amazing plan” (Google it). My A1C was 7.3 and blood sugar was at 183 when tested and after a week of reading through the plan diligently, the A1C is now at 5.9.

  11. My 75 year old dad no longer has meds for diabetes . He lost weight eats healthy and takes regular  exercise. I have insulin resistance and I’m very slender. I have to reduce carbs and eat 3 small meals a day.  If I eat a carb heavy meal I sleep for hours and I am not in any way a devotee to health food fads.

  12. I’m a diabetic and when I fast my sugar skyrockets to over 300 and I just feel so sick. So what do you do for someone like me

  13. I used to think I couldn’t fast because I couldn’t get over the hunger pangs. also would be too hungry and get low blood sugar, feel tired and weak.

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