The Mathematics Of Weight Loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited Version)

Weight Loss Tip:If you are trying to encourage your child to have better nutrition, one of the most effective things you can do is to set a good example. Children mimic their parents. The wider the variety of foods you eat, the more foods your child will be willing to try a taste of.

This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I subconsciously started pounding like a dog as I thought I might get rid of more fat if I exhale more CO2… lol No, it doesn’t work, but if you try to maintain doing this for a long~~ time, it’s actually pretty tiring and your heart rate does increase.

  2. Very educational and logical, but slightly oversimplified. There are many hormones that play a role in metabolism and metabolic rate. If this were not true steroids would not be a performance enhancer. All I’m saying it that simply eating less and moving more isn’t exactly a mathmatcal equation. The human body is very adaptive and when it goes into starvation mode it will make chemical changes to alter the metabolic rate in an attempt to be more efficient and survive. For this reason it is very important to eat and move in the right quantities and consume the right nutrients. I otherwise really enjoyed his lecture and the information provided.

  3. This is so oversimplified. There’s a whole process that converts fat to co2 and water known as photosynthesis and cellular respiration. I know the whole point is to oversimplification but those who don’t know biochem there’s so much more to this.

  4. I dont get what he said about climate change. CO2 is the same, if it comes from fossil fuels or Humans, I think the amout of CO2 breathed out by humans is just too tiny to matter

  5. People need to change the way they teach chemistry five mins later you all eat sunlight

  6. A physicist would say “eat less, exercise more”.
    As a psychologist I need to point out that “eating less and exercising more” leads to appetite. Appetite leads to consumption. Consumption leads to weight gain.

    “Eat less, exercise more” is a conclusion by rational regions of the brain based on how energy works in machines. Appetite comes from primal regions of the brain that biologically is competed prior to rational thought, just as any emotion overrides rational thought. The idea of “self control” is misleading because unfortunately the rational region is a puppet to the emotions.

    Instead of focusing on energy you should focus on handling appetite. Paradoxically eating more often, sooner and more is a good start. Saturation is more important than calories. Keeping appetite down leads to weight loss as long as the food is reasonable. The rational brain shouldn’t focus on eating less. It should focus on habits of eating. You can chose to eat before you get too hungry. It can pick foods that keeps saturation longer. It can make sure you have good foods where you live and work. But it can’t make you skip a snack when you forgot to eat. If you took a lowcal low saturating meal of 350 calories at lunch, chances are great that you are going to have a 1500-2000 calorie one in the afternoon. If you instead had a 500-750 calorie meal at lunch, chances are great that you may only have a small 350 calorie meal in the afternoon. Your appetite were disabled, which lead to weight loss, despite the additional calories consumed early on.

  7. Ok, I think this video is a little flawed. Here’s my opinion and question.

    I agree to a certain extent what has been displayed here but you have left more unanswered questions then before.

    You claim “fat” is expelled by way of air and water! I won’t deny that. Myself having studied the “ketosis” effect and human body would agree when in ketosis the “breath” changes and that’s from “ketones” being expelled those ketones are a by product of FAT the liver helped make those ketones from the fat… so yeah breathing ketones = fat!!!!

    Problem is you say ketosis is another issue and you won’t go into that??? Then please tell me how us the humans can access the “fat” so we can get rid of it? I know just by breathing or pissing it won’t happen! So how do we access the fat to “breathe” it out?

    All good and well you’ve explained the form of fat leaving the body but how does one make that happen? I don’t lose fat unless in ketosis so that leads me to believe that ketosis is important.

  8. Just to clarify at the end he doesn’t mean low protein diets he is referring to low carbohydrate diets, (linked to Keto dieting)

  9. Very intelligent man, easy to listen to. Able to simplify quite complex information. Love his visual aids.

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