The BEST Way To Measure Body Fat

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There are a LOT of ways to measure your body fat percentage including calipers, BIA, DEXA, underwater weighing, etc. Because of this, it's hard to know which one is the most accurate way of testing body fat. In this video, I tell you why it doesn't really matter as long as you are consistent with the way you are doing it.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. shiiiiii son! Dr Layne hittin those double camera angles! Nekk levelllllllllllllll!!!!!!

  2. Any one set or brand of calipers better than another or are they all the same? Looking for something I can do at home rather than go to a bod-pod or some other scan

  3. You nailed it! Totally agree with everything you said. As long as your using the “SAME METHOD” under the “SAME CONDITIONS” of measuring body fat, then this is your best gauge of progress and knowing if your numbers are increasing or decreasing over time. The one additional thing I don’t like about the Bio-electrical Impedance method (hand held devices) is you’ll get different numbers based upon age. Even if I put in age 37 vs 40 it impacts the % of body fat calculated. Clearly, the calculations are ‘ESTIMATES’ and not precise calculations. I am without doubt that bio-electrical impedance devices are not calculated for bodybuilders but are more for general public calculations. Again, nicely said..

  4. Common sense wins again, you could delete 99.99% of every other article/video on measuring bodyfat and just leave this, and the world would be a lot better off.

  5. Layne these videos lately have been very helpful. Answering a lot of the questions that a lot of people seem to be so worried about despite the fact that these things really aren’t all that serious! People are missing the forest for a single tree…

  6. I don’t bother trying to measure body fat anymore, as Layne said they use approximations and estimations, and I prefer something more accurate and simple. Instead I use waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) which is where you divide your waist circumference by your height.

    You use the same units for waist and height. There are studies that show that WHtR gives a good indication of your bodyfat. I’m a guy so when my WHtR is around 0.45, ‘visually’ I appear to be roughly 10% body fat. A WHtR above 0.5 is usually considered to be outside of the healthy range and a WHtR over 0.6 or higher is generally considered to be very unhealthy. The ranges considered healthy, not healthy and very unhealthy vary slightly depending on your sex.

  7. Mr Layne what do you do for quads? the way you squat must be like 90% ass. So how do you get your quads big? Thanks in advance.

  8. How about the tape measure method that Avatar recommends at weigh ins. How accurate is that?

    A vid about a topic that’s been asked about over and over.

    Anyone recommend a good reliable vid in how to use the calipers accurately? There’s quite a few online about it and ALL have different readings/methods. Trying to stick with a truer gold standard method with calipers.

  10. Ahem. Dexa scans are divided up into three seperate components. Fat, LBM, and Bone. LBM does not include bone. Feels great to be able to correct you on the one little thing you got wrong! I can walk around today and puff my chest out!

  11. Hi Layne, just wondering, do you measure you’re own body fat with calipers or does someone do it for you?

  12. I use the NAVY METHOD to estimate my bodyfat. It may not be the most accurate but you can measure your progress if you use it consistently.

  13. I get what you are saying, but I think you’re missing the point in the frequently asked question. I believe the real question is if I had all the resources in the world, which bf test would be the most accurate or the one with least amount of error? I understand consistency but I know some people want to save up that extra money just so they can go see their “true” bf% by doing a dexa or water weight.

  14. You forgot one test Layne, The one where you take your clothes off ,stand ifo the mirror and jump up and down, if it jiggles it’s fat. This test is free and very private.

  15. It’s soooo good to watch a fitness youtuber that doesn’t use extremely loud heavy rock as introduction 🙂

  16. Hey Lane, this seems like a sensible approach for those confident that they are within a healthy range. However, for those of us looking at body fat percentage as a measure of health, the absolute number can be just as important as relative change. Maybe body weight is a more reliable measurement, but translating it into BMI just doesn’t say as much about health as body fat percentages.

  17. @biolayne: Have you ever tried out the bodyfat measuring devices “Skulpt Aim” or “Skulpt Chisel” ? What do you think about them ?

  18. Hi #biolayne , can you please talk about rest between workouts? Is it ok to train for example 7 days in a row for a natural guy if you feel good, eat well and sleep well? (Obviously with a rest day every now and then)

  19. Would you mind posting a video on proper calipering? My scale has a BF reader but the numbers don’t seem to align with my progress

  20. I started doing the In Body measurements a month or so since there is one at my local Nutrishop. I try to make sure that I go in fasted/posting morning poop. Those seem to get decent measurements.

  21. Ive been measuring the same time and tool every monday. Should bf be tested every day and take the weekly average like i do my bodyweight or is once a week fine?

  22. The doc got a camera upgrade! Look at the frontal shot with the movie looks! Uh oh!!!!!

  23. Also fat contains water, about 10%. Losing fex. 10 kg fat could mean losing 1 kg water, with bia and even inbody 1 kg water could be registered as losing about 1.3 kg muscle (muscle contains about 75% water).

  24. The worst thing is some days when you have a large bowel movement in the morning and then other mornings when you can’t, or you eat late the night before the measurement is higher than usual and its hard to be consistent

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