The Best RESISTANT STARCHES to Increase Insulin Sensitivity (keto friendly)

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Don't worry about cheating, but don't cheat for a meal. Eat sweets and your favorite cheat food for the flavor only. If you want dessert after dinner, share one with the whole family. You'll get the flavor, but not the pounds.

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Resistant starches should be a staple on any diet due to their impressive health benefits.

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0:00 – Intro
1:27 – Resistant Starch Explained
2:09 – Butyrate Benefits
4:07 – Resistant Starch & Insulin Sensitivity
5:33 – Try SEED's Daily Synbiotic – Use Code ‘THOMAS15' for 15% Off
6:56 – Butyrate & Brown Fat
7:42 – Food Sources of Resistant Starch

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  1. Apparently, Kuwait is not included among the countries that online shopping is allowed for seed products.

  2. Does anyone know how to make overnight oats turn into resistant starch? Like say if I heat water to a boil, then add the boiling water to a mason jar filled with my dry oats, then stick that jar directly in my fridge, would this turn into resistant starch after like 12 hours?

  3. Cooked and cooled potatoes do not contain RS2 – they contain RS3. Raw potatoes are all RS2, but it doesn't matter if they are refrigerated or room temperature. The starch granular structure is still intact until they're cooked. Also, the amount of resistant starch in oats is very dependent on how processed they are. Steel cut oats contain the most resistant starch (because the protective food matrix is still intact), while instant oats contain the least (whether or not they are hot or cold). There is not very good data published on the actual amount of resistant starch in cold oats, but I have a proposal submitted to do this study.

  4. Summary of what to eat:
    1. Cold (cooked) oats
    2. Cassava in small amounts
    3. Tiger nut flour
    4. 1/2 of partially ripe banana
    5. Partially unripe plantain
    6. Cold beans (like black salsa or
    7. Cooled rice (like sushi rice ) no more than 1/8th of a cup

  5. Thomas, I decided to try supplementing some HMB (beta hydroxy beta-methylbuterate ) in the free acid form. (It…seems insanely effective after just a few weeks.) My question is, does HMB act as a buterate in the same way you're describing with buterate from resistant starches? What are the differences? Thanks!

  6. Oatmeal prepared savory and cooked and reheated 3x works.
    Like it sweet? Use monkfruit and for added blood sugar reduction CINNAMON. Works for me.

  7. I’ve added in overnight “protein” oats to my low carb diet and I love them so much. Do the oats have to be cooked and then cooled? They can just soak overnight and still have the same effect, right?



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