The #1 Fat Burning Food You Should Eat At EVERY Meal

Weight Loss Tip:Use washed, cut lemons in your drinking water. The lemony flavor will make the water taste better and that will encourage you drink more of it. You can cut up lemons and put them directly into a pitcher of ice water in the refrigerator to make drinking water quick and easy.

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Watch Shaun reveal the 1 best fat burning food you should eat at every meal. Also, he will reveal the one food you should NEVER eat by itself (unless you want to get fat).

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Great information! What foods that contain protein do you suggest eating with potatoes to lose weight?

  2. fruit takes u off the fat burning environment ? that’s just not true …too much is made of proteins seriously..we have gone from shunning starches to fearing starches wrongly .Else why would Vegans be the slimmest ?? fruitarians are also so slim .

  3. Hi,I seriously have this question,I hit gym hard and I am a Lacto Vegetarian,which means no fish,chicken ,no eggs nothing ok I am a hare krishna guy,So my daily diet is beans of all different types, sure add some vegetables —ok Question,How much —or how many cups do I have to consume to consider my Protein in take ,to this Video—appreciate

  4. I really like this back pain guidebook, look for Google “fetching loni”. Helps my back some, but I`ve got severe back pain from injury. However it helps me to position on my side or back which will help ease some of the spasms. .

  5. Thank you for making this amazing video. So useful! During fasting, can I pour one teaspoon organic row honey into my cup of coffee and greet tea for sweetness, instead of any sugar or any other artificial sweeteners?
    Looking forward to get your opinion soon.
    Thank you so much.

  6. Yesterday I learned of this weight loss plan “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) from a buddy who following the directions lost almost 14 lbs within just one or two short days. We are trying this diet now and the results so far have been far beyond my wildest dreams. It arrives extremely recommended. You can find that on Google.

  7. So what do I do if I don’t like eating lean meat, vegetables and fruit for every meal for the rest of my life?

  8. Eating carbs is a good way to create insulin resistance, get fat, and maybe end up diabetic. You should eat more fat and moderate protein and almost no carbs except what is in veggies. I am not so sure this guy knows much about nutrition. Be careful taking the advice on this channel.

  9. Son the simple ting to do is make tow lists side by side on the whiteboard what to do / what not to do I find your dialogue (talking) does not make sense?

  10. for the HUGE amount of talking you do…….. you say so very little that is necessary or useful. and I think you know it, and you do it on purpose…….. and if you do do it on purpose……….. I think is disgusting and reprehensible.

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