Stubborn Belly Fat: How To Lose @hodgetwins

Weight Loss Tip:One of the best ways to keep a healthy lifestyle is by watching the sugar that we take on a regular basis. It is a misconception to most people that taking in fruit juices work as good substitutes for soda. This sometimes is not the case as some of these fruit juices have more sugar than regular soda. With that said, it is very important to understand what we take in.


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Keith and Kevin Hodge the Hodgetwins are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels Hodgetwins, Twinmusleworkout, AskHodgetwins and fastingtwins. They have earned a respectable 2.8 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 450 million views over these channels. YouTube Inaugural #YouTubeBLACK Event To Support Creators Of Color really changed our outlook and we would like to thank youtube for holding such an event.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. I think I could do this intermittent fasting thing, I’m always so busy so I
    hardly have time to get meals in, well.. I’m gonna’ take advantage of this!
    I’m gonna’ eat breakfast, go to the gym, then fast for 8 hours until my
    next meal

  2. I am positively surprised by the way these guys manage their channel. They
    answer given question with no bullshit like the others tend to do. Question
    and response, humor and info. Keep it up! :)

  3. Another option is the blue fat freeze system. It can freeze the stubborn
    fatty parts real quick and its way better than those fake spot reduction
    exercises. Also freezing fat cells is a more effective strategy to lose
    fats than burning them.

  4. You mf need to take it easy on the cheat days as well, I haven’t taken a
    cheat day in a month, and the difference is night and day!

  5. correction: if you don’t eat enough calories your body goes into survival
    mode and holds even tighter to the belly fat. You can be fat with less

  6. Thought about the stubborn belly fat and I think that scary twin said just
    eat less calories, but the kind of calories does matter more than eating
    less. Try changing your diet to an Atkins diet for a bout 3 months, be
    strict about it, no cheating and no fasting necessary, just don’t overeat,
    and moderate exercise. Your body will have to burn the fat for fuel. If you
    eat the smallest amount of sugars/starches you’ll turn off the burn, so be
    strict. Yeah, check with your doctor to see if this is ok for you and
    hormone health etc. I agree with all that.

  7. My friends first introduced me on the weight loss plan “wowo amazing plan”,
    and I googled it. My entire life has transformed for the better right after
    I lost 15 pounds by following this plan!. Try this your self, hope you will
    like it like me.

  8. I know you 2 were hell in your mother’s womb “the FUK off me! Get out my
    dayum way!” #twinning

  9. Does intermittent fasting work for belly fat?

    I am not talking about stubborn, just a damn big belly.. I am new to this.
    Any advice?

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    (just search for it) Hoestly it is the most helpful site that I found.

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