Smart Cardio For Full-Body Fat Loss: Functional Cardio Day

Weight Loss Tip:Try to stay positive about losing weight. This can be the most important factor in whether you lose weight or not. Believe that what you are doing is working, and start seeing yourself as slender and in shape. If you hold that vision in your mind, it's only a matter of time before you see it.

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Hey guys, what’s up!Today I want to bring you a quick and easy workout that was designed as a key component to the NEW workout program, Abs After 40… I like to call this workout, “Functional Cardio Day”.

Now this is important for you guys over 40 to watch because if you have experience with other workout systems such as P90X or Insanity, you've probably encountered or heard feedback from others stating that catastrophic injuries are often experienced with these systems.

The high-impact nature of those programs can lead to serious joint, ligament and muscle tear damage that will not help you lose weight at all – In fact, these types of injuries will more than likely keep you fat and out of shape. Now I am not saying that high-impact movements are a complete waste of time but when it comes to men over 40, there is simply a better way to achieve the fat-burning effect you need without the risk of blowing out a knee, twisting an ankle or busting a hip.

Functional cardio days are GREAT for guys who are looking to burn body fat fast without the need to perform any high impact movements that, more often than not, lead to ligament or joint damage… And what’s even better is that you can do this workout right at home – there’s no equipment required on functional cardio day.

With these quick, low-impact exercise intervals your entire body will get worked – leading to faster, more effective weight loss than wasting hours chained to a piece cardio equipment. You'll get it in and be done in 15 minutes or less.

The exercises we will be performing will be:
1. lateral lunges
2. decline push-ups
3. reverse plank kicks
4. bench dips
5. shoulder touch planks

Workout Breakdown:

3:57 – Lateral lunges for 10

4:50 – Decline push-ups for 10

5:05 – Reverse plank kicks for 10

5:36 – Bench dips for 10

6:18 – Shoulder touch planks for 10

7:30 – Round 2, fellas!

10:40 – And here we go, final round… Round 3.

How men over 40 can burn off belly fat in record time:

Thanks again for tuning in guys. I know all of you guys out there who are over 40 have been waiting for the solution to finally getting rid of your belly fat… And let me tell you, the solution is just a couple days away!

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I'll see you guys there.


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Written by bodyfat52


  1. man thanks dude even though you said men over 40 but I am only 16 and this
    work out has helped me out because I have school and sometimes I don’t have
    time to go lift weights

  2. This looks like a pretty good work-out and I’m going to give it a go and
    incorporate it into my regular routine somehow. But can anyone recommend
    how often one should do it – that is, how long should be the period in
    between sessions? Once a day, every other day, twice a week, what? I’m 59
    and work out with weights a bit. Best wishes all.

  3. Looks like this works but some of those moves I cant do at my size, is
    there easier options for beginners

  4. After you finished your workout, you said something about burning fat later
    that night/ evening. It was hard to hear what you said . Can you repeat it
    here please.

  5. So George Bush turned his life around is actually doing something good?

    But all jokes aside. Respect to this guy.

  6. Is your program launching 1-7-2017? Can you give me an idea of what it will
    How many times per week for this set? Going to go try it in a minute. Looks
    doable, but will probably kick my butt. LOL.

  7. When you said “now into decline pushups” you lost 99.9% of men over 40 !
    Give alternatives that people can start with and actually do to build up to
    what you are doing.

  8. The George Bush reference is old, it was funny at first, shit is old. This
    dude looks good for his age

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