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Skulpt Aim Body Analyzer full review. This is likely the best, most-portable way to measure you body fat percentage and muscle quality. Based on my anecdotal research and the fact that I'm pretty confident of my stats, I say this guy is very accurate, but don't just take my word for it. Here's what the company says about its accuracy: It is 5x more accurate than BIA “smart scales”, 4x more accurate than professional calipers, and within 1-2% of the gold standard method, underwater weighing. That sounds pretty good to me, but how does it work?

Well, Aim utilizes electrical impedance myography or EIM. ‘Myography’ literally means “The description of muscles.” It releases a little electrical signal via the electrodes on its underside and measures the response. Here's more from the company: “The Skulpt Aim is more complex in that it measures electrical current flow in different directions and it can measure the flow at different depths (the further apart the electrodes, the deeper the electrical current will penetrate). By combining these multiple electrode configurations with multi-frequency electrical measurements, and by using a variety of algorithms, the Skulpt Aim can separate out the condition of the muscle from the amount of fat in a region in just a matter of seconds.”

So in other words, it's good.

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  1. +RizKnows have you had any problems with the skulpt app? I’m reading that its buggy.

  2. Gotta get this… wife will go crazy on it with her pals and herself.  Too cool.  Hydrostatic tests are excellent…had them, but if this is close-toleranced enough on the measurements, it will be a good tool for progress motivation and data.  Thanks for the good video.

  3. Is there a difference in the measurements if you flex your muscle or not? What about the numbers before and after the training?

  4. Ex-bodybuilder here on a comeback trail… Just received mine 2 days ago. Haven’t got the app to work yet, but am starting to like just getting measurements using the device only. I take about 3 measurements in each area and then average. Seems consistent and so far, good enough to start recording trends. If you go to Google Play, you’ll see lots of the recent reviews bashing the app or complaining about the recent updates. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. The side buttons can be difficult at first and there’s definitely a learning curve to maneuver through the menus — get ready for a bit a of trial and error. Again, as a standalone unit, I think it’s worthwhile.

  5. Worst product on the market!!! U must be sponsored by them! Don’t buy this product. I will do my own review if need be with proof! Followed Scott Herman for years until I bought this product. Fell for the hype my bad! It isn’t accurate for 1, it’s flimsy , the side buttons are stiff. U have to spray it with water a ton of times before it gives a reading! It’s a joke. I’m totally gutted I got conned on this product! Check on Scott Hermans contest page for proof that I bought this product. I was very active on his site and excited to get the product and after it came I cancelled everything with Herman! Believe me

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