Skinny Fat Explained – Dealing With Being Skinny But Belly Fat Lingers

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Trying to deal with skinny fat? What exactly is skinny fat and why does it happen? How can you go from skinny fat to fit? Should you bulk or cut if you're skinny fat? Find out in this video!

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  1. I was fat “husky” for the end of my childhood, then I was on back on Adderall for the first time in years. I had lost so much weight so quickly it became unhealthy. Eventually my doctor said I was _underweight_ which I knew I was right. Despite having a lot of belly fat I am still very skinny. Thanks for posting.

  2. Hello sir, My body is skinny like Im 40 kg so should I gain fat/weight first before I start workout or do it at the same time?

  3. Unless it’s a health concern… nothing? There’s nothing to do about it? I’m fat but I’ve learned who the fuck cares. If you’re healthy who gives a shit? I wouldn’t be any healthier with less fat but I would probably get cold faster.

  4. I like these videos they explain it short and simple compare to these others work out video be like 10 or 15 minutes to explain how to do whatever

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