Rachel Parent – Teen Activist Fighting For GMO Labeling

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Part 1 of a 4-part mini series on GMOs and labelling by Global New National reporter Allison Vuchnich.

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Wow I cant believe how the old guy from Monsanto is so hurtful towards a 14 year old. As well as its so commonly known thaat monsanto has ruined so much food that we HAVE to have labeling or else how would we know what we’re eating.Please  keep the faith rachel we love you and you be strong for all of us!!

  2. What a remarkable young woman and human being. I think the US is experimenting and testing GMOS very thoroughly, but the test subjects are the US citizens. Glad I’m I’m Europe frankly.

  3. Im not against GMO’s all out because I think GMO’s can and I don’t want people to take this the wrong way in good hands change the world for the better, that is if the Corporation that is creating the GMO seeds are not hell bent on making profits like MONSANTO or DuPont, IT’S JUST EVIL WHAT THEY DO TO THOSE POOR FARMERS  THEY BASICALLY MAKE THE FARMERS GO BANKRUPT BECAUSE THEY OWN THE BANKS THEN THEN THEY SAY WELL IF U SIGN THIS CONTRACT THEN WE WILL FORGIVE U OF EVERYTHING BUT DON’T TELL’EM THAT MONSANTO BASICALLY OWN THE FARMERS!!!! so im not against GMO’s im against the influence that these Corporations have to not only our government but our food industry too and the dependency of the farmers to MONSANTO BECAUSE they have to buy seed every year which adds up to a lot of money to the farmers, being a farmer is about being independent you being your own boss and saving your own seeds to plant next year and if corporations like MONSANTO did care about the health and wellbeing of people they would create a super seed that has a better germination rate better yelds healthier for you and the environment around you and help the farmers save money BUT THEY DON’T.

  4. The question WHY isn’t raised often enough. WHY do we even need GMO’s in the first place? Because some people in some countries can only afford rice, so we need to add vitamins to compensate. Ok WHY do some people in some counties can only afford rice. WHY invest in GMO instead helping those poor unfortunates who can only afford to eat rice? WHY are we being distracted from the real issue? WHY do we not ask WHY?

  5. Sadly no one mentioned what labeling actually do solves in here. For example, I’m as consumer, would like to know a bit more about product it self, I mean, I’d like to see certificate (in some sort) of that product, where you could  get at least sources to research which proves that this product is healthy for you. So in this case, imagine I have a health problem, and went to doctor, so at least I can trace what kind of shit I’ve been eating for the past year, and understand which modified food caused me that illness. Ofcourse I don’t imagine how could every apple and banana carry certificate, but at least if you buy a package, you need to have something that could lead to that information: a website, QR code .. whatever, but GMO food should be illegal on the market until there’s no proves that it’s healthy. Happily in EU we have ecological food, which does have certificates! So atleast I can be safe about that, and I do check those certificates, I do check which companies produce this food and how they produce this food.

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