PACE Express Day 1 – How To Lose Weight Fast – Full Workout – Plus FREE PACE EBook

Weight Loss Tip:When you are trying to lose weight, make sure you get plenty of fresh air. Plenty of oxygen will help boost your metabolism and give you more energy. You may find that after you spend more time outdoors, even just reading on a bench in a park, you have the motivation and energy to exercise more.

This is Dr. Al Sears' PACE Express workout for Day 1. The workout consists of 3 – 3-4 minute interval training workouts of progressively accelerated cardiopulmonary exertion.

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PACE helps build powerful lungs and a strong heart, and it teaches your body to burn fat for up to 24-hours. In just 12 minutes workout a day, you can sculpt a leaner, stronger, and slimmer body.

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  1. This Program is awesome. I gained quite a bit of muscle in a very short period of time. I’m 20 yrs old and was able to get my heart rate up to 210 on level 9, one time. 

  2. This is actually very helpful. As a student in college studying biochemistry while working part-time, I don’t have the time or money to waste with gym memberships and only maybe two days a week of free time to go. With this, I can take only a small portion of my busy day to do these easy exercises and I have already begun to see results after only one week. Fast and easy is the key. Thank you

  3. Do we do this 7day a week? What about weight exercises for building muscle? Is that all we need to do?

  4. Dr Sears,  Thank you for the video.  I loved your book.  Question.  In the video, the participants just stand there during cool down. I always thought it was bad to just STOP when your heart rate was very elevated. Is it not better to walk around or have some movement while starting your recovery phase?  Maybe what I was taught is only an old wives tail??

  5. I really like this workout and am considering ordering the videos, but I would like to view or have access to a few more while I am waiting for them to arrive. Are these found anywhere else or is there an online download version to order?

  6. please could you let me know whether my heart beat is suppose to increase after each level ; because mine qstarts at 30 original beat , the 120 after level 5 , then 110-120 after level7 and 130 after level 9 ?

  7. I tried this program and ended up overexerting myself to the point that I went to the ER.
    I had to ask 3 times before I got my refund on this junk!

  8. quite enjoying the work outs, although a bit limited. I feel that they could have been put on to two discs and cost less. how many times a day can you do this. if we’re basing this on how kids roll, then they don’t just run around once a day they do it many times a day. also I was told never stop dead after exercise that you should keep moving slightly, any ideas on this. thanks greer

  9. I’ve been on several roller coasters and now am over 450 pounds, at seven feet in height, and tired of being fat! No energy. Bad eating habits. Don’t want just another weight loss product. Need a new start. This looks like the real deal.

  10. Great video! I like grabbing bits and pieces and inserting it into my own exercise routine! Keep it up and thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. I am 70 years old, this is too hard for someone who has rods and pins in her back. Do I still try, and just modify the exercise?

  12. Started doing these exercises a few weeks ago and absolutely love the efficiency and these movements are not hard to do. I’m 57 and wanting to keep my heart healthy along with having great joint mobility. Dr. Al Sears, has done us all a very good service by creating these exercises. Thank you!

  13. I am a 53 YO. I like the concept but this routine is not dynamic or interesting enough. It is misleading. The participants are not a good representation of the American public (i.e. the barely moving “moderate” woman should be overweight or obese). The participants should continue to move during the “rest” period rather than just stand and stare. The participants do not appear to be challenged (i.e. the woman performing level 7 appears to be performing level 3 or 4; the “moderate” woman is barely moving). Only the instructor is out of breath at the end. I suggest a more dynamic routine that contains more challenging and diverse exercise. Nice try but please improve!

  14. What exactly is Antinobotan Solution? How does this thing really work? I see many people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn method.

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