Non-GMO vs Organic:Are They Really the Same?

Body Fat Tip:
If you are looking to lose some weight a great tip is to make the foods you already love a little healthier. Rather than avoiding your favorite dishes altogether, find ways to make those dishes a little lighter. For example, try low fat ice cream, or pizza with reduced fat cheese. Try to focus less on the actual weight loss and focus a lot more on the day to day lifestyle that you are trying to develop. If you make actual changes in your entire life, then it will be much easier to stay focused and you won't become discouraged on harder days.

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Many people get Non-GMO and Organic confused and think they mean the same thing. This isn't necessarily the truth. Check out this video to learn the difference and know when to spend the extra money for Non-GMO or Organic.

Raw local honey is my current obsession learn why here:

Check out the full Sugar and Sweeteners series here:

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  1. Bruh GMOs are better the idea that GMOs are harmful is a lie please put a comment saying GMOs are better

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