Non-GMO Diets Could Dramatically Improve Health Problems

Weight Loss Tip:Do not skip a meal when you are trying to lose weight, especially breakfast. Eat your meals on a schedule, and always eat in the morning. A simple breakfast will have the most impact on your weight. Try a whole grain cereal, or whole wheat toast and plain eggs. Fruit is a good choice also.

Could consuming non-genetically modified foods be the answer to ending health issues such as obesity, fatigue and heart problems? Many participants in a new study found that switching to a non-GMO diet led to a dramatic turnaround in their health. RT America’s Ashlee Banks speaks with Jeffrey Smith, the study’s author and founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I am skeptic if the organic food really organic after all…with 9 million times more expensive. It’s highly probably just another scam just to jack up the price.

  2. Stopped drinking GMO corn syrup soda, switched to stevia/sugar, lost 10lbs. GMO roundup ready crops are poison. Glyphosate causes hormonal disruption.

  3. Repeat: “If G.M.O.’s are different enough to deserve a patent, then they are also different enough to deserve a label.”

  4. The Non GMO label doesnt mean anything. All the unhealthy shit we’ve been eating forever which are grown with pesticides and other harmful things can get the non GMO label. Eat Organic, not just Non-GMO.

  5. “The son is no longer autistic” yeah, i call bullshit on that. I eat all organic but im not a science denier like this guy apparently is.

  6. well no shit. The US uses dozens of ingredients that are banned everywhere else. This is why every town needs a greenhouse organization to grow organic foods to be distributed in our supermarkets.

  7. Did you know I simultaneously worked for the Mayor of Xiaguan and the greedy, capitalist Zhu that promised to kill me, covertly under his breath, during a formal business dinner. I was a pawn then.

    Of course you know that.

    It was the Zhus there and the Jews here. lol.

    Or was it just Zionazis inside the CIA and State Department?

    The Bush Administration Neocons had been in power for 6 or 7 years at that point. There’s no telling how badly the 9 11 conspirators screwed up our Foreign Services and foreign policies.

  8. I was a healthy person with no problems until I started eating corn. I hadn’t eaten it in years, and once I started back, I started having digestive problems, respitory problems, thyroid problems, allergies, asthma, tiredness, and so much more. I also developed diverticulitis., Inflammation all over my body. I switched to organic a d slowly my conditions are all improving without any medications at all, only organic.

  9. Most, if not all, food we produce is genetically modified in some way. The original plant strains have been extinct for decades.
    There are projects in the works to create enzyme producing grains to allow Celiac individuals to eat all breads again, rice that retains more water to resist droughts in countries with unstable food sources and algae with more rapid growth cycles to be used in the production of bio-ethanol as a renewable fuel source. Genetic modification isn’t inherently bad, but proper testing must be done on the chemical makeup of any foods produced to ensure it is safe for consumption and notify the general public how certain byproducts will affect them (like the pest-resistant strains of corn that are designed to inhibit reproduction so future generations of insects will be less likely to have a taste for the crop).

  10. Never a good sign when they Round people Up.
    It’s literally Death Incorporated that is killing people.
    Be wary though: A monster doesn’t just give up. Monsanto&Co might enter the ‘organic business themselves, lobbying the government to redefine the meaning of the “organic” classification. Then you might have to deal with “Roundup Organic” and such bullshit.

  11. lol yea no buying into non gmo marketing just means you’ve been manipulated by marketing whores to fear the use of genetic sconce being use in crop breeding… have fun lining the pockets of scum like jeffrey smith

  12. So, was this a scientific “study” ??? ….I don’t think-so.
    It was a questionnaire asking people for their opinion.
    Who were the people who answered the survey ? Well, it was sent to 180,000 people straight from his very-own mailing list (of which only about 3300 replied), ……so it was sent to people who already believe what J. Smith advocates.
    That’s not science at all, that’s sneaky underhanded marketing by Mr Smith.

  13. Excellent. I have experienced good health eating only USDA certified organic food for the last 4-5 years. It doesn’t stop with food though. Shampoo, soap, lotion or oil, etc.

  14. The yields and nutritional value of natural genetic varieties of crops also known as heirloom seeds, non-hybrid seeds, and
    NON-GMO seeds can be increased by 4 times by use of basalt or diabase basalt rock and adding biogeochemically activate carbon powder to increase yields by 8.8 times again but first we must start by treating the soil first with lime thoroughly to neutralize and lock down any heavy metals, then adding limestone rock dust powder to eliminate soil acidity and gypsum rock dust powder to eliminate soil alkalinity one can create a ph neutral soil where virtually all kinds of crops can grow, then add 25% biogeochemically activated carbon powder by simply dividing a given layer of soil by 3 before it is to be treated with 25% biogeochemically activated carbon powder. The use of the chinampa technique can make a natural corn variety to produce 3 times more than their land counterparts and produce a very fast accelerated growth rate will allow them to produce 7 to 8 harvest in a single year depending on what kind of crops one will be cultivating. Just imagine if the chinampa system is inside a well insulated and well lighted greenhouse and growing crops in chinampas using terra-preta soil which is rock dust powder remineralized to make the crops to produce 3 times more than their land counterparts, then 8.8 times more with biogeochemically activated carbon powder, 4 to 5 times more with rock dust powder to make them pest and disease resistant and nutritionally nutrients dense, and producing 7 to 8 times more harvests per year. And 4 times more yields when used with permanent perennial nitrogen-fixing living mulch that are certified GMO-free and certified hybrid-free, and inoculated with compost inoculated with inoculated peat or pure peat inoculated with all different natural genetic varieties of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria inoculants that are certified GMO-free and inoculated with all different natural genetic varieties of mycorrhizal fungi inoculants that are certified GMO-free.

    For example: 12 inches divided by 3 equals 4 inches, then you add 4 inches of biogeochemically activated carbon powder on top of it and deep till it down to a depth of 16 inches, then add basalt rock dust powder made from ordinary basalt rock or diabase basalt at a ratio of 5 kilograms per square meter or 50 metric tons per hectare for a land that needs drastic remedial restoration, then add an another layer of composite rock dust powder mixture at a ratio of 5 kilograms per square meter or 100 metric tons per hectare.

    The composite rock dust powder mixture is added so that all the different kinds of rocks used in making rock dust powder will give all of the different minerals present in all of the different rocks such as blue granite, green granite, andesite, dolomite or magnesite, phosphate rock, deep sea bottom nodules (if you can get it), glacial gravels created by the past Ice Age Glaciers that went through different rock mountains and rock surface terrains and picking up all different kinds of rocks and stones and thereby creating a naturally made gravel in natural proportions made by nature and thereby creating a much more balanced rock dust mixture of the highest quality in terms of rock types and all varieties of each types of rock.

    And the biogeochemically activated carbon powder is actually activated food grade carbon made from coal or from charcoal and the biogeochemical activator is actually a cubic decentimeter of peat or compost inoculated with peat inoculated with all different natural genetic varieties of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria inoculants that are certified GMO-free and inoculated with all different natural genetic varieties of mycorrhizal fungi inoculants that are certified GMO-free and added at a ratio of one cubic decentimeter per cubic meter of carbon powder (a cubic decentimeter is a cube which is about 10 centimeters or 4 inches on a side).

    The rock dust powder will increase yields by 4 to 5 times, depending on what kind of rock dust powder you are using. The biogeochemically activated carbon powder will increase yields by up to 8.8 times again. The inoculations with natural genetic varieties of nitrogen-fixing rhizobia bacteria inoculants that are certified GMO-free will increase yields by 4 times, and the inoculations with natural genetic varieties of mycorrhizal fungi inoculants will increase yields by 4 times.

    The adding of biogeochemically activated carbon powder will increase yields by up to 8.8 times but at the same time will maintain soil fertility, if properly tended and protected. For the oldest and still producing land treated with biogeochemically activated carbon powder made from charcoal is about 50,000 years old and is self-regenerating as long as the surrounding trees in an alley cropping agricultural land set up keeps on producing and adding leaves as compost to the soil. Moreover, the trees will bring up nutrients from the deeper subsoil layers through their very deep tap roots and bring it up to the surface in the form of leaves on the surface soil layer and as long as this is maintained the new soil treated with biogeochemically activated carbon powder is now called Terra-Preta soil.

    The adding of rock dust remineralizing powders will make the plants very strong that they are not affected by climate extremes no matter what kind of climate extremes nature throws out at them but the question is how long the rock dust remineralizing process that can produce 4 t 5 times more yields without fail, and without pests and diseases, can and will hold out against the new cycle of climate extremes remains to be seen. Because the climate extremes that they are being asked to withstand against is during the 1980s which is seasonal and for a fairly predictable length of time.

    But this time the climate extremes that they are being asked to withstand against is for a definitely long indefinite period of time once the initial start of the global cooling will start, then an only then can and will we know how they will fare very well under such conditions.

    Which is why it is very necessary to use the bini dome system, monolithic dome system combined together and be powered with nuclear power to provide nuclear electricity powered artificial full spectrum sunlight to grow crops and nuclear thermal heat to help keep them internally and externally warm to keep any snow and ice build up from forming. But most important is to use conductive concrete coatings or conductive liquid mortar coatings so that d.c electricity will cause them to warm up and prevent any ice and snow build up and connected to a 4 to 5 redundant safety GFI circuit (ground fault interruptor) to prevent accidental electrical shocks. And all of them will be heavily ground 4 to 5 times over as a safety engineering precautionary measure.

    Inside those nuclear lighted and nuclear heated and well insulated domes are vertical growing farms using vertical agriculture and living machines to produce all kinds of food and naturopathic medicinal phramaceutical natural genetic varieties heirloon herbal plants. Among the food and medicine producing plants are inter-planted and inter-cropped protective plants and air filtration plants and oxygen producing plants.

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