New Level Of Fraud Revealed In Prop 37 GMO Labeling Vote

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(NaturalNews) Labeling genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) is simply too costly, and any law requiring that GMOs be properly labeled will raise food prices significantly. This was one of the many lies propagated by the biotechnology and processed food industries in the months and weeks leading up to the vote on Proposition 37 in California, the historic GMO labeling initiative that was defeated in large part due to the more than million that Monsanto, Dow, Kraft Foods, and dozens of other industry players hypocritically pumped into the fraudulent No on 37 campaign during the final hour.

For the past few weeks, Californians have had to endure a seemingly endless barrage of misleading television commercials and phony voter guide mailers urging them to vote against the labeling proposal because it would allegedly “cost taxpayers and consumers millions,” to quote California “family farmer” Ted Sheely, who was prominently featured in a No on 37 propaganda commercial that aired throughout the state. The same commercial, along with several others, also claimed that GMO labeling would increase grocery bills by about 0 per year for the average California family.

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  1. lol ecologically damaging? So you do not see a man-made genetic mutant spreading the world over taking over what natural grew as ecologically damaging?

    You are obviously a shill, and uninformed.

  2. we know its in everything thats why we want it labled. its more about informing the uninformed and rewarding the companies that aren’t trying to kill us

  3. Yes, let’s not believe top researchers who actually have done the studies to show the dangers of GMO’s. Enjoy your slow death sentence.

  4. Watch “GENETIC ROULETTE” and hear what real, unbiased experts, Doctors, and researchers have to say.

  5. Again, you’re wrong and haven’t done the research. After a few years of round-up the land becomes less and less fertile, and the food contains less and less nutrients and more and more toxins,

  6. Sorry to inform you, but “Chicken Little” died on a corporate farm years ago. I honestly doubt that anyone who learns the truth about GMO’s will still actually knowingly consume them…that even goes for these “so-called” supporters of GMO. They may talk like they support it, but I doubt they live how they talk…and if they live how they talk, they won’t live that long to talk much more.

  7. They achieved 53% of the votes in a 100% rigged system. If this isn’t absolute proof that the voting system is rigged, then I don’t know what is. You now know how deep the corporate corruption goes.

  8. The people responsible for the fraud need to be held accountable and criminal charges need to be pressed. This is not over!

  9. no it was a fair vote. Prop 30 was passed. Which is by far the worst prop. another tax increase on the people. 37 was written by lawyers so they can sue sue sue and make more money from cases (basically attacking some small mom and pop farmers who did not comply with the thousand page regulatory bill) You have to understand it’s the people unseen that are reall getting hurt.

  10. Wow u still believe that hype huh? I thought it was just the $25 million blitz right b4 the election that confused some b4 realizing they’d been had. I know the SF Chronicle promoted No & many folks still believe ANYTHING reported on in the media is TRUE & NEWSWORTHY. After election day TV news ran all Prop results except 37? OpEd pieces were written on all BUT 37, it was buried; Big Ag wanted it to just go away quietly. But it won’t for it’s unAmerican to not be told what your buying.

  11. IF they won’t tell me then i simply won’t buy it. There should be no more regulations on rediculious shit like this. And as for sacramento. Did you know that they pass on average 4 laws a day? Some go as far as to tell parents what procedures they need to make inorder to hire a psychiatrist to prevent their son from being gay. Yeah this is the shit that is going on in our states capital. To start a small business in Colorado it takes about 3 to 4 weeks. Here in cali it can take 5 to 7 months!!

  12. you know why the tech industry still stays here? Because they have alot of lawyers to help them navigate through the political bullshit. We are already taxed more and regulated far more than any state. And it is beyond reason. IT costs double here to comply with regulations or even triple than it would cost in another state. That is why so many businises are leaving. So please for the love of god no more regulations.

  13. I see where your coming from. We have found our common ground. I side with you on the ridiculous amount of processes there are. I can attest that simply renewing one’s d.l. in a CA DMV office can be an ordeal. In AZ a dl was good for like 30 yrs. & here mine expired within 5?! Rather than have 5 from the date you got it, it is from one’s b-day so because of the time of year my dl expired just over 4 yrs. I didn’t realize I received this as a b-day gift from the state until months after my date.

  14. This brings me to the inherent problem with capitalism especially Chicago Economics/Milton Friedman – our economy bases profits ABOVE ALL ELSE including people, nature, health, freedom anything we may deem important There is always talk of stimulating the small business sector – what small biz are left? So you have corporations that answer to boardrooms, exec’s & Wall St & they don’t give a damn about the consumer the very thing that drives their business. The media scorns anyone that says

  15. socialism invoking images of communism which never even attempted to put Karl Marx socialist economic model into effect. Marx said, “democracy is the road to socialism”. Marx saw the inherent flaws in capitalism. The media portrays our capitalist approach which is fascist a gov. run of, for & by the corporation. A bit off track as I probably sound like I’m socialist. TV feed viewers ‘capitalism is FREE market’ & the other alternative socialism=China those are the only economic models to follow

  16. If we are to believe them & no one has ever thought up a better model that takes into account the value of clean water, of biodiversity, of health, etc. Then we best get some creative economic think-tank together because capitalism has served it’s purpose. It is now a rusting machine creeping slowly to a halt. It’s time to evolve ideas. As profits are god then the power of a dollar spent is much stronger in this country than that of a vote cast. The onus is on us the people. No politician will.

  17. Yeah California is a tax haven. They seriously try to find every little way they can to trick you into paying more money in things that are basically another form of taxation. Just like with the drivers licence. Other states are much more free and could care less about the little things. Sacramento spends like a wild grass fire and in the end screws it’s people over by taxing them more and deceiving them with a lie that they claim to be a balanced budget so they can go on to spend more and more.

  18. High taxes never fix an economy. Neither do ridiculous and unreasonable regulations. They stumble growth and make it harder for people to move. Everyone feels they are getting a better value when they don’t have to pay as much in taxes at the check stand. That gives them more money left over in their pocket to buy other things they need generating economic prosperity. Lower taxes and fewer laws that criminalize people give them more value and freedom. Not only that but happiness.

  19. Ignoring the false implication that GMOs are so dangerous that we need to label them, Prop 37 has many special interest exemptions in it. For example, milk, cheese, meat, beer, wine, liquor, food sold for immediate consumption, etc. would all be exempt from this labeling law, effectively defeating the purpose of labeling. It also bans the use of “natural” labels. Why? Because “natural” competes with “organic”.

  20. Personally, all that is required is that organic food are labelled organic. All else should be considered GMO. I don’t see why they need any special label. IF IT’S NOT CERTIFIED ORGANIC, IT’S GMO!!

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