Most Stupid and Dangerous Ways to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tip:Losing weight requires dedication and motivation. If you are happy at the weight that you are currently at you will not be able to lose weight very efficiently. You need to be motivated to truly lose the weight if you want to lose it in a short amount of time. No one can motivate you better than you can.

Modern beauty standards are very different from those praised by poets and artists from previous centuries. Imposed stereotypes teach women about what size is right and what number of waist centimeters is “too much”, while lack of common sense and personal opinions often leads to very tragic results. These are the most stupid and dangerous ways to lose weight.

Written by bodyfat52


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  3. Guy: “My body is fatter than my head, I need to lose weight”-Doc: “Eat some
    parasites, that will clear you up! They die later on inside your stomach.
    Nice to have company, right?”-Guy: “I’m NOT Eating it.-(*a day later
    everybody does it anyway*)

  4. Have not tried any recipes yet so cannot give a fair review. Was not really
    impressed with them. Found a mistake or two..*here *
    *** :)*

  5. I can’t understand why people wanna lose a lot of weight in short time. For
    fucks sake I eat what I want and when I want 2or more HOURS of workout and
    there! I may be over 100 kgs but I’m an athlete who must have a lot weight
    so why would i care? Also i heard that stress can make you lighter is it

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  7. right know my daughter is 80 pounds and she’s 11 but she’s eating chocolate
    chip cookies and chips and a sprite

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