Monthly BUDGET For FAT LOSS In India | Food & Supplement Cost With PDF | Guru Mann

Weight Loss Tip:Decide what you are going to have to eat at the restaurant before leaving the house. If you know that you are going to get the chicken with the low calorie dinner salad before you arrive, you are much less likely to peruse the menu for decadent choices that will sabotage your diet.

Budgeting for a bodybuilding diet or just a healthier diet in general can be difficult and sometimes a little expensive. Checkout this video as Guru Mann explains Cheap or Expensive Monthly BUDGET for Fat loss in India.
Monthly Budget PDF


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  1. Guru bhaiya aap bahot smart lg rahe ! And thank you for video and humare yaha (U.P)[ lucknow ] me chicken 180 Rs:kg hai

  2. sir please vegans k liye bhi fat loss program banaiye ham meat nahi kha saktey egg khaa leta hu me but me meat nahi kha sakta or mere or bhi bahut sare dost hai jo eggaterian hai wo bhi fat loss karna chahte hai par ham meat nahi kha sakte

  3. Vaiya ess sa v kam budget ka fat loss nai ho sakta kay???….yah to mara father ka income ka 50% money hay……so mara father yah v mara liya afford nahi kar payanga…..please hosaka to mujha ess sa v kam budget ka fat loss programme batay…

  4. kya sir iss diet ke sath multivitamin bhi teg. Karna padega ya nahi our isske sath me kya ham l- arginie KO teg. kr sackte hai ya ni

  5. hi boss, can i get an pdf of weight loss plan diet or its viedo link please……

  6. sir i wake-at 4am took 4 glass of warm water then a cup of coffee with milk. workout at gym about an hour(half an hour running on treadmill, then some other exercises). after that glass of milk with two egg whites. then near about 10 took some meal like dalia. following many thing m still 90kg 5’7″ so what can i do. all you are asking is this a suits a normal person. according to me it will become very heavy

  7. Very good video sir. But apne ye nhi bataya ki in sab lo kis tarah lena kitni gape me iske sath lunch dinner breakfast karna hai ki nahi plz reply sir

  8. PDF links aren’t working. Could someone please help me with the working links ? Program seems very prominent and I’m sure we can see some great results.

  9. I actually couldn`t wait to try the diet “fetching tuti space” for myself once I had Googled it. I was so excited. My mate dropped 13 lbs following this diet, I really advise you search Google to find out how.

  10. dear sir, i’m pure vegetarian, can you plz reply me for vegetarian monthly budget and diet.

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