Monsanto Spends $4 Million To Sabotage California GMO Labeling Initiative

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(NaturalNews) California has the unique opportunity to be the first state in the union to require that genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) be properly identified and labeled on most food items. But the Monsanto Company, one of the biggest purveyors of GMOs, and several other factory food and agriculture corporations are trying to sabotage this effort by contributing millions of dollars to defeat a ballot proposition that would require mandatory GMO labeling.

If passed, Proposition 37, known as the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, will require that all foods made with or containing GMOs, including both raw and processed foods, be labeled as such when sold at the retail level. Products made with or containing GMOs will also be prohibited from being marketed and sold as “natural,” a highly-deceptive practice that has become quite common today.

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  1. I don’t even know what you say really holds fact because i seen alot of food grown in Mexico.

  2. Yes, I’m sure you have. The point is, our corn is heavily subsidized. We sell GMO corn to Mexico, where they have been saving seed from heirloom seed passed down for centuries. GMO corn cross pollinates with their native seed, which is growing in neighboring farms/fields. GMOs are sterile after one season. Corn is a large part of their culture, and a huge staple food. Suddenly they can’t save seed, or afford our GMO seed. And the integrity of their native seed is compromised.

  3. First off GMO is a better seed to grow anyway. It can grow in rough climates we can grow in place we never used to grow. I know what i’m talking about because i’m in the FFA moron.

  4. 1. They are greedy
    2. They are corrupt
    3. They are destroying the planet and the people with their frankencrops!
    4. Their admitted agenda is to OWN (intellectual property rights) every organism on the planet.
    5. They are spraying increasing amounts of toxins.
    6. There are more people starving today, than when the first planting of GMOs began.
    7. Monsanto even has their people in the Whitehouse, controlling the food supply.
    8. Monsanto has all the politicians paid off.

  5. STFU, moron! Try going to Monsanto’s own website, where they admit to having to spray more and more, due to superweeds sprouting up, everywhere!

  6. 1. Like Alex Jones isn’t greedy
    2. Like RT isn’t currupt
    3. There feeding the planet with their crops as we speak.
    4. every company has a right to buy
    5. That’s what it takes to kill pest
    6. There are less farms today
    7. Monsanto is a defense contractor
    8. Vote the currupt politicians out, like i did in 08
    9. GMO seeds allow farmers to grow where they never could befor. It’s also a tough crop that can weather storms better and grow with less maintenance. All fact thats why farmer use GMO.

  7. “less farms”. FEWER farms…learn to speak and write English. I don’t even know how to respond to someone as retarded as you!

  8. The fact is if you’er not a farmer then don’t worry about GMO seed’s it’s not deadly 70% of farmers use GMO seeds. Farmers are very powerful and can have things taken off the market. It’s been done in the past Alex Jones will make shit up just like he did with the BP oil spill. He’s in the business of selling fear hasn’t that register to you yet?

  9. Thats serious shit, making seeds sterile in future so monsanto and usa control the food supply, its disgusting, id actually go far as to say that bio-terrorism.

  10. Well, pardon me, I didn’t know I I was in the presence of greatness. So what’s the “FFA moron?” Most folks I’ve encountered were in FFA; your group must be special.

    Look, Monsanto has some serious public relations problems. Lawsuits brought by desperate people who have been dealt with disreputably. Condescend if it bolsters your ego, but If you’ve truly done the research and you still swear by their seed, that’s a good argument for labeling. If it’s so great, give consumers have a choice.

  11. Thank you! Another Monsanto apologist called me a moron for my beliefs. He thinks GMO’s are great, and anyone who disagrees is a moron who gets all of their information from You Tube. You Tube definitely started my search, but following that, it became the topic of my research paper. The more I studied on it, the more disgusted I became. So thanks for your kind words. I agree, I also consider it bio-terrorism, especially in 2rd world countries where desperate men commit suicide over it.

  12. But for real what is wrong with GMO seed’s and Monsanto? The reason i ask is because i’m in the FFA and farmers come to my school and tell us about farming and the farming industry. They tell us to grow GMO corps because there more tougher against weather and pest making a better yield.

  13. I’ts not natural. Our bodies are not receiving the correct information from the foods we eat. We will all become sick dew time. Your generation will have it worse. Since what your telling me is none other than a brain washing technique.

  14. You make me mad when you throw my comment off has brain wash. Cold medicine is man made and it saves you’er life. So why would man made food kill us? Even if it’s natural you can’t eat wild mushrooms. So natural means nothing

  15. It’s not your fault. I’m not trying to under mind you. You seem like someone who is on the verge of enlightenment. Although. When you begin fucking with nature, you will offset the balance and you will mutate based on the new information which according to over all the structure of information gathered from many point of views has led me to believe its all a selfish act of trying to play god by a small group of people with vast availability in resources and control.

  16. California’s government is stupid and just as corrupt as Monsanto. But if it weren’t for GMO’s billions would have starved to death since traditional crops simply cannot grow in such extreme climates. .

  17. Information? The body just breaks down molecules. There is no coding in the fucking plants our bodies accept as “information” You are now talking out of your own ass. You stupid dumb hippies. GMO’s are hardly even a concern compared to the economic climate. But if California wants to regulate it’s self to death then end up with a huge deficit. They can certainly go ahead and bite the fucking bullet. Because that is what they deserve for their own stupidity and arrogance.

  18. Oh wait! the state of california is already Swimming in MASSIVE DEBT! so what do they do? Ask for MORE MONEY and RAISE TAXES FURTHER. Let this state FALL!!!

  19. Who is the one who belongs to the FFA, me or you? So there you have it you know nothing about farming, let allown Monsanto. So shut up and stick to sucking the (Alex fear dick)

  20. The great PCC coops in Washington state are also trying to get a GMO labelling ordinance on the ballot. Tell your Washington friends to sign on!

  21. Why does this start with a graphic, “Iran’s ayatollah orders terror attacks on the west”? I just checked around on this story, and it looks like it has little basis.

    The biggest thing that will get us off track on fighting for labelling legislation, as well as being devastatingly destructive in its own right, is a war, so why cheerlead for one?


  23. organic vs gmo.You mean to tell me thair is no diffrence.You go ahead and eat all the GMO food and I stick to organic,and lets see who stays healthy the longest.Studies have ben shown that gmo can lead to health problems in the long run.Us Californians are going to lead by example.

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