Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign Against GMO Labeling

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We've gone on at great lengths discussing the dangers of genetic modification. Monsanto's GMO corn has been linked to weight gain and organ function disruption, while GMO crops and pesticides destroy our farmland and environment.

According to the Alliance of Natural Health, the grandchildren of rats fed GMO corn were born sterile. GMO is just one of those things to avoid, but with our own government in bed with Monsanto, it's not easily done. Monsanto has recently launched a proverbial war against the open labeling of genetically modified foods, and only through activism and awareness can it be overcome.
The People Versus GMO

In February of this year, Vermont contemplated the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act. The proposed bill prohibits GMO food producers from using keywords like “natural,” “naturally made,” “naturally grown,” and “all natural” to describe GMO ingredients and products. In the same month, the National Conference of State Legislatures reported that nearly 20 states were considering similar programs. Public surveys and studies also show a whopping 90 percent of the U.S. in favor of such practices.

In theory, this should make California's GMO labeling initiative, which would require all foods within the state made with GM ingredients to carry a label stating so, a shoo-in. But let's not get so hasty.

Leaders in the disinformation campaign launched against the labeling initiative cry out that it would be—like the infamous Proposition 65, “The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986″—a way for bounty-hunting trial lawyers to file suits against even natural food companies for supposedly selling products containing undisclosed GMOs. Of course, GMO's ally receives funding from the Council for Biotechnology Information. It should be no surprise that the likes of Monsanto and Dow count themselves members of the said organization.

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  1. So much misinformation on here, it is disgusting. I understand you people want what is best and want a brighter future for the world but you really need to learn about the subject before buying into the wild claims I am seeing on here. Anytime anything is shown to disagree with any notion that what is being discuss has any valid points It is met with a lashing out as if many of the people actually want the false terrible claims to be true, which they are not.

  2. @7mykitchen7 If the price of organic food goes up, I’ll start growing my own food.. What’s ur point?

  3. The executives of Monsanto are war criminals.
    The executives of Monsanto should be knelt on the ground and shot in the head.
    If the American people comprehended the threat of GMO’s they would hunt these executives like rabid dogs.
    GMO’s cause fourth generation total sterility.
    GMO’s are tools of genocide.
    GMO’s are a tool of Agenda 21.

  4. Organics use organic pesticides yet are sometimes contaminated by pesticides used in non organic food. But still, organic food has far fewer pesticides which is a very good reason for buying them …. if you don’t grow themselves yourself.

  5. monsanto is a chemical corp they created dioxin agent orange with dupont, these seeds are made to kill us, its their answer against world population

  6. They do, we all do, it’s not poison like you claim it to be. Oh and way to kill any moral high ground by saying I should be shot for my opinion. I’m sure your views will be valued because your such a stand up human being. A little bit of truth goes a long way and the misinformation being spread on this thread is mind numbing. but thanks for validating my points of any disagree to the cult like following is met with lashing out, all while trying to profess your holier than thou, pathetic.

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