Low Impact Cardio Workout For Beginners – Beginner Cardio & Toning Workout Routine

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Thanks Fitness Blender for putting out these videos! I’m really enjoying them and I like the variety of moves. Easy to follow, great instructions and motivational narrative

  2. This workout was a challenge for me. I had to take my own little breaks here and there. lol I finished it, though! I’m proud of myself! Thank you for this workout!

  3. talk about sweating! any advice what to do with my long thick hair having it down increases my sweat and having it up keeps the sweat locked…

  4. Too much dead air. Needs a little background music and a timer so you know how long you have left on an exercise (especially the stutter steps, cause I have to break them up more and would like to be able to split them evenly.) But overall, I like it for now.

  5. actually I do the HIIT workout but I got ankle injury today. so, I have to changed to low impact cardio and this video surprised me because I get sweat with this too. I can say that i love this video <3

  6. o my gosh!!! I look so sexy and slim after these workouts and warm ups!! They are so helpful. …….

  7. It made me feel great. Looks easy but you really sweat! I promised myself I’ll continue doing it every day!

  8. There’s no way the stutter step belongs in a beginner routine, not at a minute per side. I’ve done this routine perhaps seven times (once per week, in rotation with other routines) and the best I can manage now is twenty reps on one side, switch sides, twenty on the other. About then Kelli is switching sides, then I do 18 on each side and finish up slightly ahead of her, spent. The rest of the exercises in this routine are like recovery from stutter steps.

  9. I loved this workout! For someone who’s been working out regularly for a year now, this still kicked my butt! I was not feeling it today, but my goal is to get 5 days of exercise in each week. So this was a great start to my week! Adding this to my list of favorite workouts 🙂

  10. I decided to try this because I’m overweight. I wanted to try something that would be appropriate for us big people. This has made me sweat but it’s an easy work to follow. I love it.

  11. no new comments?
    just used this to work out, by the end of round 3 I was more than done lol. super easy even for someone as unfit and unhealthy as me.

  12. does this really work?I was 52kg and now i have gained 8kg weight and m so frausteted. Should i do some diet or this exercise only plz suggest.i am 5’3and 26years old

  13. Usually Kelly’s workouts has a calorie countdown … I wish this one did. Those are very helpful.

  14. can anybody explain to me what does low impact mean? does it mean it doesn’t do much as in low influences?

  15. Just started the workout… have to go to the ball field lol Oh well, no extra cardio today 🙁

  16. I haven’t worked out in so long, and just 5 mins into this video, I’m already sweating and exhausted! But I’m on a mission to get my body back in shape! Thanks for the videos!

  17. I am definitely above beginner (maybe intermediate), but I have chronicle pain in my lower back and now it’s this time of the year with the pain. I had scheduled HIIT, but I decided to try this one and be gentle with my back. I was sweating insanely after this workout… Loved it.

  18. it said low impact but it actually makes your whole body burns!!! this is why l like fitness blender, all of their workout routine have there own circulation, first warm up and then start burning, and it train every muscle of your body!!! i’m 8 weeks pregnant and this is perfect work out for me!!!

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