Lose Weight Fast On A Treadmill Using This

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In this video Miguel will teach you how to lose weight fast on a treadmill!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. You’ll be able to lose fat without risk and prevent gaining weight back again if you have the proper eating plan, without any pills, difficult exercises…

  2. My mate laughed when I told them I was gonna become slimmer with just using Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them great results after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, hahaha 

  3. ok theres no way I could do the speed of 7 or 8 mph id fly off that thing hahaha lol 😉 I stick between 3-3.2 powerwalking and thwen up to about 4.5 to run 

  4. Too fast, I start at walking speed, then 4.0 until i reach 5.0 over 60 minutes. 700 calories burnt.

  5. I do a 10 min walk, then I max the incline at low speed (walk) for an hour, then I descend the incline and do a 10 cool down. I always keep bottled water on the machine so I can drink if needed.

  6. Weak people are so scared of treadmills. Oh running this, oh running that, oh treadmills are not effective. WTF…… Real athletes run and sprint all the time. Lazy asses rather do girly shit like zumba, even a 3 year old can zumba. If you run on treadmill or outside and get injured easily, you’re not conditioned for a hard work out like running. I’m 6’5, 250lbs, and I use the treadmill + heavyweights to keep in shape. Did I mention my stamina is over the roof?

  7. this is how I do all my Treadmill work. incline run intervals work well for me it get off the treadmill and do high internal jump rope

  8. Put a plastic bag under your shirt and walk/run for 45 min drink lots and lots of water and you’ll lose wait…all the “but it’s bad for you’re body pores”, is bull****….I’ve been doing it for 2 months and have lost 16 pounds and looking better then ever….I still eat the same greasy foods I use to eat I just eat less till I’m bout 60% full I’ll say…but I think the keys is drink lots and lots of water till your pee is clear…oh and the colon cleanse pills from cvs help to I can really feel my insides clean

  9. So? What would be a good time-schedule workout for someone like me Overweight & REALLY out of shape? I don’t want to give myself a heart attack on the 1st workout. Can you list one off for me? i.e. how long & what incline & what total time.

  10. I have lost 192lbs and I have helped many others as well. Not saying the guy in the video is “wrong” but… losing weight “fast” is stupid. You will gain it right back. Second it boils down to how calories you consume vs how many calories you burn, that is it. You do not even have to exercise to lose weight. Exercise really does not even help that much for weight loss. If I told you, “tonight I am going to make a big dinner, I want you to bring the biggest appetite you can. ” How will you increase your appetite? Do not eat(diet) and exercise. This should tell you something.

  11. i use the treadmill atleast 15 minutes a day sometime i do it twice so its a 30 minutes but eventually i hope to be able to run longer and longer without stopping. will i slim down if i keep doing this daily? im gonna start adding slne weight exercises ontop of this. iv been trying for the longest time to slim my legs down and get rid of my chest fat but i cant seem to…

  12. It would be a shame for you not to lose fat when other normal people are able to shed extra pounds very easily by using Fenoboci Diet Plan (google search it).

  13. Running on treadmill and using blue fat freeze system should do the trick for any aspiring fat loss candidate. This combination of burning and freezing fat cells is a great if not the optimum way to lose fats quickly and easily.

  14. I did this on the track instead of a tread mill. I would sprint for 3min walk for 5min for a hour 4 days a week and I was loosing about a pound a day along with weight training 3 days a week but the weight dropped rapidly when I started the sprinting. I went from 142lb to 135 lbs in about 5 days.

  15. I think if you haven’t run for years and are really out of shape this would certainly work to start with anyway.

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  18. wow, this is so informative. So to recap…..when yr on a treadmill, you should run…and fast. Then, slow down eventually.
    Thats genius.

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  20. If a girls or boys how lose weights than i tell them my routine decline 15full and runing speed 13kph and 3mint running 18speed run my rotine is 1hour 30mint running treadmil and 30mint more exercise and i lose 9kg weights

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