Lose More Belly Fat Fast With Just 2 Exercises

Weight Loss Tip:Eat a healthy mix of different foods in your diet. If you are trying to bulk up or lose weight, you might be focusing on certain foods to complement your workout routine, but don't forget to eat in a healthy way that incorporates foods from all food groups. This will help keep your body full of the nutrients you need to function.

How normal guys can get into killer shape:

In today’s workout I am going to show you how to incinerate belly fat by using just two exercises: Kettle Bell swings and burpees.

Both of these exercises require multiple muscle groups to activate and perform at once, creating an intense fat-burning effect.

Here's how the workout works:

You will begin by doing 8 kettle bell swings, followed immediately by 8 burpees… Then 7 swings, 7 burpees… 6 swings, 6 burpees all the way until you get to zero.

The idea is to take the LEAST amount rest periods as you possibly can so you can keep your heart in the fat-burning zone but if you need a breather take one… If you can complete this entire routine without a rest break, well, you’re a rockstar… Ready? Let's go!

Workout Breakdown:

3:20 – 8 swings, 8 burpees

4:29 – 7 swings, 7 burpees

5:37 – 6 swings, 6 burpees

7:24 – 5 swings, 5 burpees

8:45 – 4 swings, 4 burpees

9:34 – 3 swings, 3 burpees

10:00 – 2 swings, 2 burpees,

10:12 – 1 swing, 1 burpee

Burn more belly fat in less time:

Hey guys thanks for checking out today's workout. You see, you really don't need any high tech equipment or a state of the art training facility to burn fat – all you REALLY need is to understand how to use what I like to call “afterburn training” and your workouts will become regular calorie melters…

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PS: Don't forget to share this workout with your friends… Time yourself and see who can do it faster!

Written by bodyfat52


  1. I want know what time is better to do exercise, empty stomach or after
    having food few hours latter. i am a begginer shall i have to run also???
    to loose body weight. plz sugst

  2. yo.. can i ask ? how can i build muscles faster ? what should i drink or
    eat ? .. aminu ? protien ?


  3. I have 1 question that I want answered
    1. do kettle ball swings stunt your growth?

  4. If anyone reads this last post, I have died at Round 4.
    What a fucking work out. I felt the ‘gain’ too much.

  5. hi, do you have any recommendations on what exercise to do if you don’t
    have a kettle-ball?

  6. I feel like I have uneven abs, I can see the abs on one side but the other
    side of my abs has barely any showing and also my bad side has a diagonal
    ab at the top? Not sure what it means

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