Just Label It – The GMO Labeling Song By Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

Weight Loss Tip:To make sure you don't consume fattening ingredients, carefully read the labels of products. Look out for things like trans fats or corn starch. These things can trip up your diet. If you can't completely cut prepared foods from your diet, you should be sure that the ones you do eat don't get in the way of your weight loss.

This is the song about GMO labeling, with lyrics by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of

Music by Dan Gautreau from

Here are the lyrics:

I don't wanna eat GMO
Cuz If I take a bite I want to know
I always read the ingredients list
There might be something that I accidentally missed
Cuz when I feed my family I insist
That we first get handle on this

Just Label it – all the GMO
Just Label it – so we all can know
Just Label it – let the people see
Just Label it – label it – it's time to honor the seed

Our food is sacred can't argue with that
The future's up to us and now we're takin' it back
The labels need to start stating the facts
So we know if it has GMO, oh oh

Just Label it – all the GMO
Just Label it – so we really know
Just Label it – let the people see
Just Label it – label it – it's time we honor the seed

Honor the seed

Just Label it – all the GMO
Just Label it – so we all can know
Just Label it – let the people see
Just Label it – label it – I know you wanna be free

Just label it
It's gonna get better when we
Just label it
And the food keeps growin' when we
Just label it
We gonna get it goin' when we
Label it, label it
It's time to honor the seed

Written by bodyfat52


  1. id like to say, dont give up your day job mike, but you done a nice job of this here song, as with your research il give you 20 out of 10…….

  2. honor seed. honor earth. wow, i wonder how many thousands of years it is going to take to honor the universe. Seeds- earth, the many wasted conversations on is it a egg or chicken? , mind puzzle, lol who knows? if society can’t get on point with that , damn the birds and bees are going to go bananas. oh wait. yep, woke up on earth again. $EAT A APPLE or BANANA for breakfast KIDS =)

  3. Whole Foods has supported GMO labeling since September 11, 2012: (Sept. 11, 2012) Whole Foods Market supports California’s Proposition 37 requiring mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods by July 1, 2014 because it has long believed its customers have the right to know how their food is produced. (Whole Foods Website)

  4. our puppet election is a joke, this prop37 passing is WAY more important, it’s a major stab against big corporate fascist takeover, and once it passes, it will roll through the other states,
    VOTE YES on prop37!!!!!!! (and save your kid’s health, the planet’s health!)

  5. Great job, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger!

    Should Proposition 37 fail, then go for the Right of non-GMO certified products to freely tout their products’ unmodified nature?

    But soon, the average Consumer is going to become himself “Roundup-ready.

    Mountain Dew makes their “Throwback” (demeaning name, eh?) with ordinary sugar.

    How much lojnger until we, the Consumer Aggregate, are “Rondup-ready?”

    Paukl Stookey seid we are what we eat.

  6. Just get rid of it, this is just controlled opposition, just label it means you will still let them make food that is poison – it must be – JUST GET RID OF IT…

  7. “lol” This is a cute song! 🙂
    I just knew I wan’t gone like it,
    but I do like it!!!!
    WHERE I GO VOTE? lol

  8. When it’s labeled and people begin to know, then we’ll see how much people want to eat any food with GMO’sor food that is genetically engineered. It’s the only thing that will lead to it being banned. It’s the best way we can make progress. There will be bans and already are, such was the case in Washington. We can all take action. There should be songs called Ban It! This was a great a approach and video you did Mike for Prop 37. I need to download this!

  9. 1. Great Video Mike!
    2. A “organic” food store sells Genetically Modified Food? WTF?! I’m disgusted!
    3. Times are changing and this is part of a diabolical plan
    4. What can we do to help? Its so hard…
    5. I see a 18 regular eggs for 2.99 vs 4.39 for a 12 cage free/organic egg which is not only more expensive, but is it really true that these animals actually roam freely and are really organic?

  10. Hopefully you and your other fanatic religious lowlifes are not in power.
    You are powerless.
    Now, cry.

  11. To outlaw GMO’s you have to go in baby steps. First label it. The rest can follow.

  12. Apparently kids read labels? And are deaf? And vote? I mean don’t get me wrong, serious issues, and monsanto is evil, but are you taking yourself too seriously? It seems condescending to speak to voters through a song that seems to be geared towards children. I’d be very surprised if this critique makes it’s way through your “moderation approval”. Prove me wrong, Mike and publish this.

  13. Monsanto-bot #5032 has encountered a fatal error and needs to close.

    Please contact the the Monsanto inc. Internet PR Force for further instructions on how to reboot this automated response bot.

    On another note, these GMO crops not only need to be labeled, but they should also be banned, and every executive/scientist in charge of producing/creating them needs to be lynched for crimes against humanity.

    It’s the only way people. Put your energy behind a ban, not a labeling.

  14. This is cute for kids but the Prop 37 stuff is out of date. Can this be revised to exclude that info? I want to be able to use this in a kids presentation.

  15. Thanks Mike for this.  I shared the video with an after school program that our church has and the kids loved it.  Still trying to get the word out by showing videos, passing out GMO info. flyers and talking to everyone about the 5 main GMO’s.  3 C’s (Corn, Canola, Cottonseed) and 2 S’s (Soy, Sugar-beet)

  16. Why do you need to label GM food when Organic corporations won’t stop boasting about it being non-GMO

  17. This song doesn’t give any information about the benefits of labelling “GMOs”, probably because there are none.

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