Jeb Bush On GMO’s

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Jeb Bush expains why he is for country of origin labeling but not GMO labeling. Don't they cost the same?

Written by bodyfat52


  1. If this guy becomes the republican candidate I will be blown away. America cant vote bush….can they? Like can they really do it? Even Clinton. Like you guys cant have bush or Clinton. That would be crazy. You guys would be like Russia always voting the same people but your leaders are even worse.

  2. *Shock findings in new GMO study: Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early*

  3. It seems the comment section does not agree with Jeb Bush on GMOs 😛
    (nor do they agree with the large majority of the scientific community)

  4. So it’s fine to know what country your food is from but not knowing whether it’s GMO or not isn’t?  That makes no damn sense to me at all.  Whether there are health concerns about GMO’s is a none issue all that matters is that the people want to know, same as country of origin.  And the fact that these companies are spending the money they are to fight it bothers me a lot. 
    Same as not knowing what’s in deals our countries are making behind closed doors under heavy veils of secrecy.

  5. Each time a watch or read something like this it makes me hate that country more and more….Greedy bastards how much money do they need ffs …Makes me so incredibly angry.  I wish America would just go away

  6. AMERICA:  You don’t NEED 15x more yields!  You NEED 15 times more sustainable agricultural policy and that requires a total and 100 U-turn on GMOs.  But you are too greedy to “get that”.  I do hope the public vote will show a “NO GMO” future for USA.

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