Is GMO labeling changing?

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Try to go as vegetarian as you can. This really is a healthier lifestyle, even if you can't cut meat out completely. The more fruits and veggies you can eat the better. The more meat you cut out, the more fat you can cut out of your diet as well. However, protein is important, so be certain that your option allows you to maintain good protein levels.

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GMO labeling laws continue to struggle in various state legislatures. Yet many food producers are touting their products as GMO free. Professor and author McKay Jenkins discusses this unusual trend in labeling and food marketing. Is there change coming?

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  1. Like a consumer when i see that is write on a product : We don't use GMO ingredients i gain confidence 🙂 in that product. All the time read the ingredients list guys 🙂 . Have a good day 🙂 .

  2. I’ve stopped eating meat n all dairy and don’t know which none gmo foods in the uk to go for. I’ve stopped eating at superstores but farms aren’t even organic anymore so what do we do

  3. Bottom line is they know that we are aware of what GMO's are and which food manufacturer's use them in their products and will avoid buying them whenever we can (i know i do), the FDA is lobbied by Bayer/Monsanto to loosen the GMO labelling restrictions. So for example, the big corporations such as Nestle, Kellog's, & Quaker; if they have a "certified non-GMO seal on the label, you can bet that it isn't. If you're like me and have to depend on getting food from the local grocery stores, even if the label says "non-GMO" that might not be good enough and will have to do some research on the company first before buying.

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