Intermittent Fasting = Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tip:Write down what you eat, keeping a food journal helps you pin point your eating pattern and will enable you to easily modify it. You will also be able to keep track of your calorie count. If possible, have your Registered Dietitian or doctor to review your journal to help you come up with a more healthy diet plan.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. bullshit…what only matters is how many calories you’re taking in a day, doesnt matter if u spread those calories over 10 meals a day or 1 meal a day

  2. 3:15 sry, but these were put in to place by the industrial revolution, which spread over western europe first.

  3. May I ask your height and weight? I noticed you have a thigh gap which is something I’ve been trying to get for years. I want an idea of how much I have to lose to get one. Right now I’m 5 ft 2 in and 130 pounds. At my thinnest I was 116 and still didn’t have one.

  4. I had never heard of the diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) until finally my close friend talked so remarkably about it when they lost almost 10 pounds. Thus of course I read into detail about it on google.

  5. Just simply Google “lyly amazing guide” and you’ll find the best diet program there is or ever was. That helped me to shed 5 lbs — and I’m still dropping weight. Good diet program. I hope you will love it and obtain wonderful results soon.

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  7. As I live with my parents still, I’m gonna have to eat a tiny 40/50 calorie breakfast… Will that destroy the effect of intermittent fasting?

  8. Lovely Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for learning how to quickly lose weight without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my close friend Aubrey after many years got great results with it.

  9. Argh I hate that my mom forces me to eat and then ask me why am I gaining weight :c
    You inspired me to starting eating when I’m really hungry. I feel a lot better, thx.

  10. TY for offering the REAL prospective on American dieting & Food in general = Eat a lot so you can THINK you’re hungry AND Make the Food Industry $$$$$$$$

  11. How did you lose so much weight and did not get any loose skin? also, how did you get rid of the cellulite!?

  12. Do not, absolutely do NOT listen to this AWFUL advice! It will lead to lowered basal metabolic rate, regain of any weight lost and a vicious cycle of isulin resistence. Low carb, high fat, one or two meals per day and absolutely NO SUGAR or more than 10% of calories from carbs is the way to cure insuln resistance and belly fat. This person is a moron who will be a cow again unless she changes her ways

  13. hello everybody, i need help plz,i want try a fasting just with fruit and vegetable juice, just for 20 days, but will i starving ? sick ? because wen i am hungry i must eat and without food when the body are hungry, it’s it dangerous ? ty

  14. I decided to do some research on the diet “fizy unique plan” (Google it) after a friend informed me about how much fat she dropped. Immediately after listening to about her results, shed 15 lbs, I decided to google the “fizy unique plan” for by myself.

  15. >thin people listen to their body
    >thin people dont eat all day because they are too busy to listen to their body

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  16. thing is… i get my first mean…and it all goes down the hill lol…i litereally just get hungry after having my first meal

  17. Recently i google to learn more about a weight loss plan I heard about via a buddy who just shed a whopping 18 lbs! Go to Google and search “fizy unique plan”, you will know what I am speaking about.

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