I Was Wrong About GMO Labeling

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Your diet should include all aspects of the food groups including carbohydrates. In fact, your diet needs to be about 50-55% carbs. Carbs are a great source of energy. Those diets that prohibit carbohydrates are actually harming you and only making you crave them that much more. Your diet should cause you to be deficient in anything.

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Does GMO Labeling Actually Increase Support for GMOs?

Brazil Nut Soy Story

Low-Income Shoppers and Fruit and Vegetables: What Do They Think?

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  1. Gmo soy has glyphosate. It’s what it is genetically modified to tolerate. Organic soy does not contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen according to the World Health Organization. Glyphosate is also an endocrine disrupter.

  2. Could it be also the price, when labeling something as non-gmo many times companies make the price go up, so GMO are probably the cheapest thing, if we stop labeling probably companies would stop to produce non-gmo stuff, that is a good thing cause it means less C02 produced

  3. Who's paying you? If not you really should get your knowledge together before you make a video like this. If you're not on someone's payroll you really have no idea what you're talking about. You are clueless and you should stop misinforming people. There is a lot of real information about the harmfulness of GMO foods. If you don't know that by now you are either a liar or just plain stupid.

  4. *GMO Scientist*: "I'm going to change this plants DNA enough so it can withstand certain chemicals or even produce other things"

    *Unnatural vegan*: "they're not even different! Everyone's ignorant!"

    *GMO studies*: um, no they're definitely different. Let us study them more before you stuff your face with them

  5. “Why would you label something unless it’s harmful” (her words) meat isn’t harmful per se, yet we label food as suitable for a vegan/vegetarian diet.
    People have the right to know what they are purchasing. And in actual fact we won’t know the effect that GMO crops have on humans for quite a few years yet. My suggestion to you is to stop reading labels if you find that not useful, but most of all, stop spreading mis-information to the public.

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The real problem with GMO Food