I TRIED COFFEE AND LEMON DRINK FOR 7 DAYS.* No diet*This is the quickest fat burner ever.

Body Fat Tip
Proteins should make up only 25-30% of your diet. Far too much emphasis is put on meat as the main part of your meal. In actuality, it should be considered more of a side dish rather than the main course.

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Hey lovely people its Mable Marie, today i tried this coffee and lemon drink for belly fat and weight loss. This was the quickest remedy for weightloss i ever tried. But it’s kinda not good for any stomach diseases and i wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with ulcers either be careful about doing this#fastweightloss#lemonandcoffeeforbellyfatloss#loosebellyfat.LOVE U ALL

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  1. Lol i actually like the taste but I drink it with flavored coffee and I didn't feel any type of burning that she speaks of I also added 2tsp of coconut oil I had no problem but yet plenty of energy and no appetite for sum hrs

  2. Hello have drinking this koffie and lemon. For 4 mounts know… I have lose a lot off weight. But I wanna know if i can still use this even on my period?

  3. I started this today… I drank my first cup @ 6am… It literally makes me feel full, so I am not even hungry, it's 12:30p, I have to make myself eat something, so I ate a bowl of cherries, and a yogurt. I only want to lose 10 lbs, so I should be able to reach my goal in 7 days.

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