How To Walk Your Way To 10% Body Fat

Body Fat Tip:
To help you lose weight, be sure to understand that your efforts are not going to be revealed through your body immediately. Your new diet and exercise will not go unnoticed by your systems as long as you stay positive and consistent. Rome was not built in a day and neither was your body, so be patient and the results will follow.It is important to remember that you can begin exercising anywhere you are at, regardless of what time or environment you are present in. Simply keep your body in a continual state of movement at times and calories will burn away. All that time spent standing still could actually be helping you get thinner.

In This Video:
Walking is one of the most underrated forms of cardio and this is how you can implement it into your routine to reduce your body fat to 10% body fat and beyond.

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. Thanks for the great advice! Keeping it very positive and not too complicated is a great way to encourage others to start a 10,000+ step per day journey. I also like your very sensible dieting advice.

  2. "Some of us do it more than others" That sure is an understatement! And dang, you are a fine specimen to behold. What a great video! I can't say that I learned anything new specifically, but I was reminded of some things I may let fade into the background. Great advice about moving more vs eating less depending on the individual situation. In my case, I need to do both eat less and move more.
    The Pandemic(which apparently everyone just decided is over) really hurt my progress towards my ultimate form. I wish I had discovered your channel a year ago because you are naturally motivational, and quite knowledgeable. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I just had to say, you rock man!

  3. Yeah, I do 20K per day – and part of it by actual exercising. But my real goal is 1M per month (a bit more than 30K per day).

  4. Walking is so underrated, you just have to keep it consistent and understand that it doesnt burn a ton of calories so you have to consume them accordingly. Walking outside in particular doesnt just help physically ive found it also helps clear your mind and relieve stress.

  5. On its face this seems like common sense but the devil is in the details. Most of this video is footage of homie looking good. No issues with that but as someone who has done this…the details of what he is saying isn’t exactly on point. Lmk and I’ll make a video to clarify the issues I have with the details

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