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So excited to speak to this incredible organization the Non GMO Project. It was started in 2007 by Megan Westgate who is the Executive Director. This organization verifies products that “do not” contain GMO ingredients. Tiffany Paige of Green With Tiffany speaks to Caroline Kinsman, the Brand Outreach Manager at ShiftCon in Manhattan Beach, California.
Did you know over 60 countries label their products that contain GMO's? Many other countries have them banned all together.
People have many concerns around gmo crops from health Issues, environmental impact, and societal implications. They started verifying products in 2010 and have now verified 35,000 products.
It's a trusted label to me. To get verified you must endure a 35 page technical process. Every major high risk ingredient is tested. Corn & soy are the most prevalent along with sugar beets because sugar is in so many of our foods as a sweetener. For the verification process brands are coming to them to test for these ingredients.
There is a major shift happening that started with the consumer and the demand for non gmo products. It's working! Vote & Shop with your dollar. Look for the Non GMO Project Verified logo.

For a list of non gmo products that are verified as well as retailers go to:


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  1. Read my lips; GMO is a laboratory breeding process. It is not in foods, it stays in the labs and only produces seeds that bear fruits that grow just plain old food. GMO is NOT an ingredient unless you find test tube shards and pieces of a gene editing machines in your foods. Non-ingredients are not going to be listed on labels, any labels you do find claiming "GMO free" are just sucker bait marketing like gluten free orange juice.

  2. 16 countries have GMO labeling? That means that the other 180 countries are smarter. Science is good, conspiracy theories and activists wanting to sell you hemp shirts on their sites are bad.

  3. That's a lie. That ( Non – GMO project ) is a lie and not all products with that label is trusted as it has GMO's. The food industry is a game. You can't lie too me because I have tested these products and GMO was found. Stop lying too people.

  4. This mislabeling is extremely misleading to consumers. PLUS there are NO scientific studies that show GMOs cause health issues. If you want to eat nonGMO products that's your right, but DO NOT mislead people based on your incorrect sources and fear.

  5. The problem with the non-GMO Project is that you will often see the little butterfly icon on products that cannot possibly be GMO, but not on all the products of that sort, so you may be persuaded to not buy a product that is sure to be non-GMO.

    Example – Some brands of olive oil carry the icon. Other brands don't. But the only ingredient in olive oils is, no surprise, olives, and there aren't any GMO olives. Lots of other examples of that, like lettuce, nuts, matzoh, …, even some kinds of bottled water.

    The other problem is that the icon is no use to a consumer who doesn't think all GMO ingredients are equivalently bad. So if you object to Bt corn, you might still want to eat something with added vitamins made by a GMO bacteria. Or you might want to avoid the novel proteins and novel genes but not feel the need to avoid things like starches and oils.

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