Weight Loss Tip:When you are trying to lose weight, treat yourself every once and a while to your favorite indulgence. When you do treat yourself, just make sure you eat a small portion, or try a healthy alternative that tastes just as good. Do not restrict your diet to the point where your cravings become an obsession. If you restrict cravings too much, you are more likely to binge, which leads to weight gain.


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We are all aware of the fact that knowing how to remove belly fat can be a tough task for anyone to do. Belly fat is actually one of the hardest ones to lose on the human body. So, in this article, we’re going to present you an “emergency diet” that is going to show you how to remove belly fat in an extremely useful way!

This is a diet that is widely used when people are short on time. It will show you how to get rid of the extra kilos and how to remove the belly fat in only one night!

This diet is amazing, because it does not only flatten your belly and eliminate the extra kilos, but it also burns calories! This diet will also help you detoxify and purify your body in only 24 hours!

This diet is entirely based on juices, smoothies, and teas. These are drinks that will help you cleanse your body a lot quicker and easier and help you learn how to remove belly fat in an easy and fun way!

Here is the routine you should follow:

At 8 am: Take a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice.

At 10 am: Take a drink of water with orange or apple juice.

At 12 noon: Take a cup of green tea.

At one p.m.: Take a glass of cold water with carrot juice.

At 3 p.m.: Grab a cup of tea you like.

At 5 p.m.: Take a glass of natural juice you like.

At 7 p.m.: Take another cup of green tea.

At 9 p.m.: Take a glass of water with grapefruit juice.

At 10 p.m.: Finish your day the same way you started it. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice.

Note: Do not add any artificial sweetener or extra ingredient into your teas and juices!

You should definitely try this diet because in only 24 hours your will have a flat stomach. You will also completely clean your whole body from all the toxins, you will feel full of energy and much happier, and the best thing is that you will learn how to remove belly fat so that you can use this diet whenever you want!

Written by bodyfat52


  1. Alrighty guys, tried this diet today and here’s the truth and my thoughts on it. First and the most obvious point, there’s no such thing as a miracle when it comes to losing weight, mostly belly fat. Wanting to eliminate all of your belly fat requires a lot of work and time. The reasons why I tested this diet is to see whether it really work or not and I mean, it doesn’t hurt to try. Will this do the trick in one night? ABSOLUTELY NOT. BUT! If you were to follow this method once or twice in a month, I can see it being really beneficial and hold up what it’s said to do in some extent.

    If you pick up this diet, I truly believe that you can see results like losing weight and getting a slimmer belly, just not overnight. The reason why is because this liquid diet helps you release all the toxins in your body. Toxins can make our belly appear larger than they actually are, so giving this a try would tell you whether your “belly fat” are toxins or actual fat, which is quite nice because you will know where to start when you know exactly what is your issue and what you need to target. Unfortunately, my belly fat is real fat and there’s no doubt about it anymore. Were there toxins? Yes! How do I know? That’s because I went to the bathroom to pee and surprisingly to do my other business a lot today. This is the way for toxins to exit your body and cleansing it so this diet does work, just not like how it was described. I managed to lose 2 centimeters around belly and I think that that’s because of the toxins that I had before this. My belly did feel somewhat lighter as well. I think that this would be great for people who aren’t going to go on a super strict and bland food diet because any food with sodium creates toxins for our body and how do people live with eating bland food like chicken? With this diet, if you do it once a week or even once a month, it’ll help clear up all the bad toxins in your body and personally, it did make me feel a bit better because I feel like my stomach is a clean slate now and I’m ready to eat again. Now, don’t go pigging out on unhealthy and junk food. You will still need to keep a lean and balanced diet, but! I think you can still afford like one or two cheat days once in a little while and your food doesn’t have to be bland.

    It’s no surprise that if you want to get the most out of this diet, you still have to put in efforts in staying active, don’t just lay around. This is a little difficult because since we’re not consuming anything, it’s so hard to get up and move around because I got light headed every single time I got up. Don’t work yourself out too hard, take like a 15-30 minute lazy walk and do house chores throughout the day like vacuuming or cleaning your room, but don’t push yourself too hard! You aren’t consuming enough calories or energy for you to be running or lifting weight but don’t just lay around as well.

    I don’t recommend making this an everyday diet because that’s crazy but you do you. Here’s my future plans and I do plan on incorporating this diet. I will do this liquid diet once every week and on the other 6 days of the week, I plan to eat a high protein and balanced diet. I will also incorporate 150 minutes of exercise between those 6 days of the week. I think this diet will work well because I’m not restricting myself on food too much, I’m working out, and then I get to cleanse my body from all the toxins.

    Hope this helps a few of you who are questioning to try this diet. I lost 2 centimeter on my belly and 1 pound. Everyone is different and of course, if you have more body fat to lose than another individual than you might get a bigger result, but I definitely think it all depends on the individual. I just really like the eliminating the toxins aspect from my body and it does do this. I see potential in this diet, just not as a miracle plan.

  2. watermellon and pecans burn calories. litteraly, just by eating watermellon and pecans- and im sure there are other healthy foods that burn calories- but you can go on a cold plate diet and a light exercise will burn calories with no side effect. there is more than one solution to losing weight. Keep in mind that one certain diet/exercise will not work for everyone.

  3. There is no such thing as losing fats within 24hrs. But, you could lose water gained weight for just drinking and no food. Organic, Non-GMO & Natural Products For Less

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