How to Measure Yourself for weight loss

Weight Loss Tip:To get the maximum health effects, try to consume as many raw foods as you possibly can. Studies have shown that many essential nutrients in foods, when cooked, are lost due to their inability to survive temperatures of around or higher than 120 degrees. Therefore, make it a point to incorporate as many raw foods as you can in your daily meals, so your body can benefit from the increased nutrient value.

How do you measure yourself for weight loss? Lindsay Brin from Moms Into Fitness goes over measuring yourself for weight loss in this 3 minute clip!

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Written by bodyfat52


  1. I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to see you haven’t had a boob
    job. As a mom and a nurse I feel like I just put more “stock” into you
    becuase you put health first over boobs. 😀 Personally, I just put a lot
    of foam on each day. :)

  2. I am so glad I got to try this Weight loss green store tea. At first I was
    not sure if it would work, but actually am surprised that it did! The first
    day I got the tea, I made myself a cup. it has a very pleasant flavor. No
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  3. I just want to say thank you for having this video up. I am not a mom and
    have never had kids but have struggled with weight. I’m 5’9″ and had
    started my weight loss a few years back but had to stop going to the gym
    cause my mom got sick and now that she is better I started going twice a
    week since October of last year (My mom happens to go the same way as me
    for her Dialysis so she’s my ride.) and I started out at 311 pounds I am
    now down to 289. However I know I have been losing more weight then that I
    can just tell when I feel my belly. and I just got myself measured and I
    don’t think the girl did it right cause nothing changed and she had to
    pause and think about it before proceeding to the next thing. So, I think I
    will start measuring at home.

    And I changed a lot of stuff. I didn’t make the switch from pop to straight
    up no pop. However, I did cut back a lot.


    10 two litters of pop a month
    one box of pop tarts a month (That I’d finish in three days)
    Snacking at night
    fast food at least twice a month


    4 two litters of diet pop a month
    Extra brand Gum or a small bag of soft mints sticks. (For those sweet
    Sugar free, fat, free, zero calorie drink mixes. (To replace the pop and to
    get me to drink more water then just at the gym)
    No night time snacking (Drink a protein drink instead.)
    fast food once in awhile (But not in the same month) Mostly for like
    I switch things up at the gym (One week I might do strictly the pool, a
    couple of weeks later treadmill or bikes, and so on) Just to keep my body
    from getting used to one thing.
    Weight myself once a week (Only on fridays.) If I am unable to go on that
    day then I wait til the next friday.

    So, that is what I do and I am going to start measuring myself once a
    month. Is it better to measure yourself when you first get up in the
    morning? I also have a thyroid problem to so it feels like it’s harder for
    me and it doesn’t help that my mom says things like “Your brother quit pop
    all together and lost 40 pounds.” This is what I tell her.

    1. He’s male and it has been shown that males and females lose weight
    2. He works so he is moving around a lot more. I want to work but the
    mental problems I have won’t allow it.
    3. His thyroid is working just fine. The Thyroid effects the metabolism
    which affects how one turns food to energy.

    Oh speaking of that do you know what kind of vitamins I can try or ask my
    doctor about to help boost my metabolism?

    and sorry for this being to long. I hope I didn’t take up to much of your

  4. Thank you for this information, but damn 1:30 before you even get to the
    reason people are watching this video.

  5. I love your videos. I am a mom of three also. I had three c-sections. My
    last c-section was 4 and a half months ago. I just started working out with
    your videos. My doctor allowed me to work out already. I used to work out
    with you after I had my deco child also. Currently I am doing postnatal
    core work out videos with you.

  6. Thanks for this! I am far from being a mom but this was very helpful and to
    the point!

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