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The key to weight loss is all about making small and simple lifestyle changes. You can start the path to weight loss in easy ways, like eating more vegetables, walking more and avoiding processed sugar. Your small goals accumulate over time and you'll be more likely to stick to them. In order to keep on losing weight it is important that you pay attention to the portions that you are eating. A good base is to eat a 3-ounce portion of meat, poultry or fish which is about the size of the palm of your hand. Studies show that people who watch what they eat tend to lose more weight in the long run.

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Learn how to track your bodyfat percentage at home using a simple skin fold caliper and tape measure. This will ensure you're on the right track towards reaching your fat loss goals.

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Taking the time to measure your body fat is a critical aspect to ensure you're on the right track to reaching your fitness and fat loss goals. And it can be done in just a few minutes from home.

By checking your body fat on a regular basis you will get accurate feedback and know for sure if your diet and exercise program is working or not based on your body composition changes.

If you don't track your body fat percentage, and simply rely on the weight scale alone, you are just “guessing & hoping” that you are on the right track to building a leaner and more muscular physique.

Now there are all kinds of fancy methods for testing your bodyfat percentage. From underwater weighing, DEXA scan, BOD POD, different electronic body fat testers, to numerous skin fold caliper formulas. They all have their pros and cons.

But for easy and practical body fat testing to track your fat loss progress, I recommend using a skin fold caliper and tape measure at home.

Simply measuring your skin fold thickness and waistline measurements (as shown in the video) you'll be able to get instant feedback as to whether you're losing fat or not.

The actual BF% percentage number isn't as critical as making improvements. As long as your skin fold measurements are getting thinner and your waistline is getting smaller, then you're on the right track to losing bodyfat and getting leaner.

For guys who tend to store most of their excess bodyfat around the belly, I recommend tracking your waistline measurement circumference around where your pants and belt goes around your waist and measuring right around the belly button.

Then for skin fold caliper measurements I recommend measuring 1 inch above your hip bone and right next to your belly button. Write these numbers down and keep track of them every 2 weeks.

Ideally you should see a small but noticeable improvement every 2 weeks. If you go longer than 2 weeks with no change. Then it means you're stuck in a plateau and need to modify your diet or training program to get back on track again for losing fat.


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