How To Measure Body Fat Accurately!

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Learn how to measure body fat accurately in this episode of ATSGS! I'll go over the accuracy of the BIA method, and how you can apply it to measuring your daily progress.

@0:13 – True of False: Electrical BIA scales are an accurate method of measuring body fat %?

What in the world is body fat percentage? What's a good amount of body fat to aim for? How the heck do I figure it out how much have?

Those are all good questions, and let me answer them for you here:

What is body fat percentage – Simply put, body fat percentage is the ratio of fat free mass vs fat mass on your body.

What's a good amount of body fat to aim for? Ideally 10-12% body fat for males if your goal is to build muscle. Less body fat is better, because your body will be much better at nutrient partitioning (storing food as muscle instead of fat).

How to measure body fat – There are various ways of measuring body fat. Some of the more popular methods are BIA, calipers, and DEXA scans.

Out of the three methods for measuring body fat, DEXA would be the most accurate.

I will go over BIA in the video as it's the simplest method of measuring body fat. Make sure to watch the video so you can learn how to measure body fat accurately.

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Also if you have any questions on measuring body fat let me know in the comments section below. I'll get to your question ASAP!

Vince DelMonte
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  1. Get a job, or do odd jobs over the summer. Im 14 and a first mate on a fishing charter, so i can pay for my membership.

  2. Vince, where should I measure bodyfat with a caliper?
    measuring between shoulder and nipple, on my quadriceps, and approx 5cm right of belly button, but I don’t know how much of my skin to pinch with it, and keep getting different results.

  3. Hey vince, what is the best way to train for the Michigan overlook, it is a 400 foot sand dune and it goes almost straight up, i am going in about a month so i am just curious what i should do to train?

  4. Long time subscriber here Vinny. I use relative strength as my prinary measure. I know strength is not always a direct correlation of body comp, but it’s what works best for me in my sport. I’ve also seen some visual changes as my strength is increasing, so I guess the mirror is my secondary measurement.

  5. hey there I am skinny and I am looking forward to building my body (especially abs) so I want a program and a diet to go on i wish you have time for helping and your videos gave me a lot of help wonderful u r stunning.

  6. I need it all naturally no supplements and no dubbles I want to have it all by bar and running and squads and abs and stuff like that I really wish u will help me

  7. I subscribed when I was 16, around 11 months back.Definitely going to stay subscribed.

  8. track weight on scale, measurements and strength. Just a few of what i record to track my progress. i have lacked on the pics and body fat measurements which im am now starting to record as im getting further in my goals.
    Thanks Vince.

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  10. Hey skinny guy saviour! I usually do measuring tape to measure my abdomen and neck. Every morning, right after I wake up. Am I doing wrong measuring eveey morning? Keep it up the advise! 🙂

  11. I use a form of bio electrical impedance analysis at the nutritionist. They attached wires to the right hand and right foot and it sends electrodes through the body. Then a formula is used by using the results from the bio electrical impedance and your weight. Not sure how accurate it is though

  12. If I’m going to be in a diet to eliminate the majority of the fat around my belly, may I go back to my normal diet after?

  13. You should follow a diet that you can sustain for life. If you can’t see yourself following that diet for a long period of time it’s probably not a good diet.

  14. I’ve been thinking if the body does use the storage first or the intake? That was supposed to be my question. Thanks for the reply thou, I like your channel.

  15. i watched about 3000000000000000000000000000000000000555550000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of them jk i cant belive you replied to my comment

  16. I have a digital Caliper and a BIA which give me different readings that are about 5% apart..which one should I trust ?

  17. No bodyfat analyzer is going to be 100% perfect. Pick one, and stick with the readings from that device. That will be the most accurate/consistent way. -Team Delmonte

  18. I use the skulpt aim. I am using it for a couple of months now and my experience is pretty good. Its seems very accurate. I have measured athletes with the skulpt before going on stage and no strange scores. More accurate than calipers.

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