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Weight Loss Tip:If you are tired of your weight-loss plan, maybe it is just because you are tired. Recent evidence shows that not getting enough rest on a regular basis could lead to weight gain. Getting a 20-30 minute nap during the day may be what you need. Maybe your brain is conveying that you are actually tired when you think you are hungry.

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The customized animations seen in this video were made by me but Gabrielle Marie has tons and tons of tutorials on how to make your own! She even has green screen effects and transitions that you can use in your videos! Her videos have helped me out a lot in the past so i definatly recommend checking her out!

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i use a Niknon D5200 with an array of different lenses! The one i use the most though is a 35mm (with a 1.8 f stop) lens!
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Final Cut Pro X

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