How To Lose Weight Fast – Full Day Indian Meal Plan – Diet Plan For Weight Loss – 5 Kg

Weight Loss Tip:A great motivator on your weight loss journey is to take photos along the way. Once a month, every ten pound,s or at some other regular interval, snap a photo in the same clothing, and marvel at the changes in your body. Humans are visual creatures, so seeing the weight loss in glorious color can be a great motivator.

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I have been reading some of the negative comments here.
Note, the diet included seasonal fruits, cooked dal and channa, yogurt, roti, vegetables, oats, dates, almonds, flaxseeds, and ghee. I made this meal low calorie by reducing oil and omitting artificial sugar. Pls watch the video fully before posting negative comments. Thank you 🙂
EARLY MORNING: Turmeric tea, after exercise- matcha green tea
BREAKFAST: Seasonal fruit of the place you live in, you can change fruits.
SNACKS: Dry fruits like dates, almonds, cashewnuts, peanuts
LUNCH: Have matcha tea 30 mins before meal
Roti, dal curry, flax seeds raita. (you can make dal curry with green leaves or vegetables).
Salad in a jar with channa
A plate of salad with boiled green gram
SNACKS: Dry fruits
DINNER: Oats with coconut
Turmeric tea.

Turmeric tea:

How To Lose Weight Fast – 5 KG:

Fast Diet Weightloss Smoothie:

Mango Lassi Overnight Oats:

Salad in a jar:

Oats Recipe:

Health benefits of banana:

Dal Curry:
toor dal: 1 cup
tomato: 1
himalayan salt: 1 tsp or as needed
1 tsp ghee
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 red chilli flakes
1/2 tsp hing
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 sprig curry leaves
Water as needed

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  2. green tea should be the alternative instead of regular tea ? or is it necessary to drink it even though I don’t drink tea/coffee at all. so should I start drinking (green)tea ?

  3. Pls tell i m new to ur channel.. can i lose weight by drinking detox water green tea twise and lemon honey water in the morning and about 6 chapaties day with vegetable or dal …. pls tell me i m housewise so can eat what family eating

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