How To Lose Weight FAST for Summer!!

Weight Loss Tip:Turn off the television and sit together as a family when eating. Distractions are a problem with most kids. When you take any distractions like TV out of the way, your child can focus on eating. Sitting together as a family also promotes a sense of well-being that makes your child want to eat and enjoy family time.


Thank you SO much for watching! Make sure to like this video if you enjoyed!! These are just the things I have been doing. I have been losing all my excess weight like CRAZY. & I hope this will help you! 🙂

tiny tea:
HIIT workouts:


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  1. Love the tips but maybe try to not touch your hair so much. I’m not being
    rude but it’s VERY distracting and made me want to stop watching and just
    listen. Just giving constructive criticism! I applaud you for even making
    videos. Thanks for the tips!!!

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  3. omg yassss smoothies are so good i have it all the time

    what i do :

    make a huge ass smoothie with bananas for breakfast

    then comes lunch and i normally have another huge smoothie because
    smoothies fill me up

    and then for dinner i have a mega salad

    and for snacks i have nuts and bananas

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